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Gordon Kahan
Gordon Kahan
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Hi, I've played in a lot of bands. They've all been a little different but they've always rawked. Lately I've been trying to figure out how to marry progressive
Making Fries
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Big C
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Hi, I'm Gordon. I've been a professional guitar teacher for 20 years and studied guitar with Joe Satriani when I was in high school. I play in the band Sybil; our version of the Scorpions "Wind of Change" will be appearing in the indie-hit "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" this summer in the U.S., currently playing in theaters world-wide.
Band/artist history
The Swanky Modes: San Diego, CA 1989-91 Headset: Santa Fe, NM 1992-93 Gene Pool: San Francisco, CA 1994-96 The Warbird: San Francisco, CA 1995 Blue: Oakland/Fremont, CA 1996-97 Crash Carnival: Redwood City, CA 1997-98 One Velvet Down/Three Year Crush: Oakland, CA 98-99 Blue Tulip: San Francisco, CA 2000-01 Heavy Love: Oakland, CA 2001-2003; We'll ride again in Austin, TX Y'all! The Groove Monster: Oakland, CA 2002-2003 Cuddy Mack: Oakland, CA 2003-2004 Heavy Love: Austin, 2005-2007 Sybil: Austin, 2005-
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My favorite live moment was at the Bottom of the Hill, in San Francisco. Nerfherder was playing and I was right next to the stage. Parry had broken a string and shouted, "Anyone know how to fix this?" I raised my hand and he passed me his guitar and a pack of strings. I changed his A string and at the end of the song reached out to give him back his guitar. He said, "Get up here and tune it". So I got on stage, plugged into his tuner and tuned it up while they were playing their next song. It was just a two-chorder so I figured it out, turned off the bypass switch and joined the rest of the band. At the end of the song he introduced me to the sold out crowd as "my guitar tech" and I got a nice ovation.
Your musical influences
Guitar Players: Steve Vai, Scott Henderson, Joe Satriani, Hendrix, Jimi Hazel, Adrian Belew, Ani Di Franco, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Charlie Christian, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buckethead, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Frusciante, Robert Fripp. Bands: King Crimson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MIRV, Mr. Bungle, Public Enemy, Tribal Tech, Ozzy, Praxis, Radiohead, 24/7 Spyz, Fishbone.
What equipment do you use?
G and L Legacy, Alvarez WY-1, Kramer Sustainer, Hamer Studio (chinese), VHT Ultra-Lead head, Marshall 1960 cab with Celestion 25s, various pedals, Roland V-Synth.
Anything else?
Why is there so much great music out there which we never hear on the radio?
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