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The Kravens
The Kravens
Maastricht, Netherlands
April 23, 2005
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you will find that most of my tunes are not quite AAA recordings, but thats how i get my feedback, and thats why i dont ask anything for it. if you make phat beats, be sure to holla at me. I NEED them :-) Fuck myspace, im down wit SC, so I respond to all comments. and peep your stuff!, after that. I leave Actual feedback.. This website has the outtakes,freestyles, work in progress, collabs etc. I have sum friends here :-) Check m out... www.soundclick.com/m2x www.soundclick.com/spyda4ce http://www.soundclick.com/swollenfeetbeats www.soundclick.com/2toxic www.soundclick.com/devize http://www.soundclick.com/jayls http://www.soundclick.com/politiq http://www.soundclick.com/johhnywalker I wont respond to Disses, im overqualified. MCK History: M.C. Kravens; in this guise i have made a mix cd using west coast instrumentals, it went down well, so i went to hiphopcribs dotcom to git me sum good beats, made 5 more tunez including a San Andreas Rap. that was bout 5 years ago now. I dropped my last cd july 2k6 called enter the kravens, hit me up for a copy. better still hit me up for a copy of the new mixtape! yeh, Check myspace http://www.myspace.com/pssound Q: Where did "MCK" come from? A: I Needed one, MC Kravens (close to/sounds a bit like my lasts name)MC Kraven sounded a bit cheesy, so ive changed it to The kravens, which makes the double meaning easier (Cravings) Q: Where do you live, where you holdin it down? A: I live in the city we call Trikkie (Maastricht-Maastrikkie-Trikkie) Q: When where you first become introduced to hip hop? A: 1983 (NO SHIT), i was in juvi, and these rough kids played GMF and the F5 all day. since then i am a crossover fan. Q: What artists/people in your life intrigued you to start emceeing? A: B Real, Hands down, he insprired me a Ton. i took Ms rise to the top to unleash the mc in this Cracka.. Q: How would you describe your style? A: As Nasty as the Limburger Cheese we make... Q: What artists are you currently going to be working with? A: My aim is between SINIMA..and Johnny Ringo (i wish). im lglad to be doin a track wiith Jay-ls and contagious Jay (they rock), always down for more tracks wit m2x and/or Classick, MAG, and dem dope 2toxic and Mr KA beats.. they keep me from bootin up reason.. Q: Who would you enjoy the most to work with? A: Ice -T... Q: Tell me about your current projects, you got an album coming? A: 2 toxic promo demo 9-06 Devolution collection (all tracks since Jump)9-06 Sinner n saint Q: What would you say makes you different from the average MC? A: Timing, content, and that fucked up on PCP flow... Q: Who are your favorite producers? A: Dre, Timbaland, 2 toxic (fuck dat midget Germaine) Q: Whats your formula, how do you come up with the concepts for your songs? A: i write a draft, spit it from paper unrehearsed, post it here, use the feedback to work on that album, by that time i refine my rhymes and delivery. Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in hip hop? A: laughin all the way to the bank, ill be makin some seriously ill beats then, have hot cats feat. Q: Where do you see hip hop in 5 to 10 years? A: everything up to and including NWA will still get airplay, the other shit.. i dunno (honest) Q: What emcee's do you currently listen to? A: dzk, Johnny ringo, BIG, Biaji, Busta (old), , dmx, jay-z(old), ice t, KRS-1, contagious j. Q: Will you be doing any touring? What shows/events are you going to wreck? A: small stuff till i got that fuckin album done. bout 350 gigs as Drummer, Bass player, Guitarist, Singer, and Rapper, I also engineer, the Kravens is rockin the 043 right now, and luvin it, I can be found at indie club Backstage (.nu) Q: What one reason would you give your fans, to go out and buy your album? A: I finally came through wit the best sounds and equipment for now, plus my flows left the planet since last we met. Q: So you have any final words for our community and the prospects of hip hop? A: Smile a while ;-)
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