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Outbreak (IL)
Outbreak (IL)
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We're a band that just loves music and loves to rock. 80's metal would best describe our sound as we range from rock to metal to hair metal to melodic metal to whatever... just enjoy.
Band/artist history
Outbreak is a heavy metal band based in Carol Stream, IL. Influences include Iron Maiden, Metallica, KISS, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Dream Theater, and various guitar virtuosos. The band is Adam Balling (drums), Danny Clayton (guitar), Keith Dubose (vocals), and Brian Durbin (guitar). Outbreak was formed in the summer of 2001 by Danny Clayton, Brian Durbin, and Anthony Zitkus (original drummer) as a group of soon to be freshmen who just wanted to screw around and play some loud music. However, the band never became serious until two years after due to the inability to find members who shared a common interest in the band's brand of heavy metal. In 2003, Outbreak began jamming with vocalist, Keith Dubose, of Elmhurst, IL. Keith took on vocal duties and even learned the band's bass lines in time for the band to play Glenbard North's 2003 Battle of the Bands; it would be the band's first show. The band then received the news that their drummer and good friend Anthony would be moving to California. The band played one more show with him and began their search for a new drummer. Outbreak then found drummer, Adam Balling, and began working with him right away. Though they had found their new drummer, Outbreak did not play shows for while until they were certain their new material would blow audiences away. The band also recruited bassist, Ryan Court, for the 2004 Battle. This year the band won the Battle and established themselves as a hard-rocking powerhouse. Soon after, the band would slip into a phase of shear laziness and confusion as to what direction they would take. The band then got their act together and began writing new songs. Convinced that their new material was better than all of their past work, Outbreak contacted Scott Bedow to play bass for the 2005 Battle of the Bands. Outbreak returned with a vengeance and became the first band ever to win Glenbard North's battle of the Bands twice. Now that the band has made a name for themselves locally, the band is getting ready for a busy summer full of rocking shows. It's pretty much gonna be flippin' sweet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We haven't played live much, mainly due to rarely having a full band. The annual high school battle of the bands is a must for us, though. We plan on hopefully playing lots of shows this summer before we have to split. CHECK www.purevolume.com/outbreakil or www.myspace.com/outbreakil FOR SHOWS
Your musical influences
Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Dream Theater, KISS...
Anything else?
CHECK www.purevolume.com/outbreakil or www.myspace.com/outbreakil FOR SHOWS ...if the shocker doesn't rock her, spock her... //