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Classic Country Radio
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Classic Country Radio With Lin Butler ( Affiliated with Ready Records Worldwide)
Almost Home - Christian Country Radio #2
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Almost Home - Christian Country Radio
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It's Country Compilation CD #2 Cont.
It's Country Compilation CD #2
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It's Country Compilation CD #1
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Lin Butler is not only a wonderful DJ, but he also is a wonderfully talented artist and songwriter. His show consists of Classic Country and Christian Country of your favorite artists and Independent Artists as well! So grab you a drink and kick back and relax, and enjoy the show! You might just hear someone you know on here!
Band/artist history
As a pioneer in Christian Country music, and as an award-winning DJ, artist and songwriter for many years Lin Butler is multi-talented. His talent and nature makes him a lasting favorite of artists, record companies and other industry professionals around the world. Lin hosts his own weekly radio show, "Christian Country with Lin Butler" as well as the Country Gospel Music Guild's "Top 20 Countdown" which is produced monthly. Lin is currently working on another one hour show, "Christian Country Classics" which will feature Christian Country songs from the time the genre started. Having won numerous nominations and awards for DJ of the Year, Radio Personality of the Year and Program Host of the Year from many organizations such as the ICGMA, CGMA, CGMG and others, this thoughtful and caring artist is naturally on everyone's "favorite DJ" list. Lin is also an accomplished Songwriter and Artist, having written or co-written thirteen Number 1songs. Singer, Award-winning DJ, & Songwriter, Lin Butler has been a favorite of Christian Country & Country Gospel listeners for many years. His great vocals continue to make their mark on the Christian Country market, and he has written award-winning singles that have been recorded by some of the industry's best artists, most recently, "Broken Pieces", co-written with and performed by Gayla Earlene.
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Live DJ, and Singer
Anything else?
It's Country Compilation CD Artists and Songs Included In This Compilation CD: 1. Red Kilby - That Bakersfield Sound 2. Tommy Overstreet - When I've Drank Texas Dry 3. The Calhoun Twins - Easy Come Easy Go 4. Donna Darlene - Looking For An Angel 5. Tricia Elliott - Storms Never Last 6. Anne Brehm - Need You Here With Me 7. Gary Silvers - This Night Life 8. Morgan & Morgan - Angels 9. Bill Townsend - One More Teardrop 10. Pat Cole - We Will Never Part 11. Amber Morgan - Labor Of Love 12. Miranda Leake - Crazy 13. Curtis Andrews - The Morning After You 14. Charlie Louvin - Ira 15. Ernie Ashworth - You Can't Pick A Rose In December 16. Siara Sol - Happy Hour Saloon 17. Rebecca Lou - Dallas I'm Here 18. Donnie Sumner - Living With Heaven In Mind 19. Kim Golembeski - Songs We Love Almost Home Compilation CD Artists and Songs Included In This Compilation CD: 1. Marvin Morrow - He Gave To Me 2. Bill Crozier - Little Country Church 3. Kim Golembeski & Donnie Sumner - At The Crossing 4. Siara Sol - Almost Home 5. Evelyn Conner - He Didn't Need Me 6. James Windrow - He's The Rock I Lean On 7. Bill Townsend - I Pray 8. Morgan & Morgan - Hands Closed In Prayer 9. Tammy Powell - How Great His Love 10. Tricia Elliott - Turn To The One 11. Anne Brehm - Be Still And Know 12. The Calhoun Twins - I'll Fly Away 13. Tommy Overstreet - Blessed Assurance 14. Lin Butler - The House Of The Risin Sun 15. Curtis Andrews - Roses For Mama 16. Pat Cole - Head Over Heals In Love With Me 17. Amber Morgan - Labor Of Love 18. Gladys Jones - Deliverance 19. Donnie Sumner - Until Then 20. Martha Welch - Stand On Faith 21. Buddy Durrett - I'm Gonna Make It
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Dr. Dre/Eminem Type Beat (Black Rain)