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Eye Of Flames
Eye Of Flames
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True British black metal.
Started this project back in April '05. I intended for it at first to be a Tolkien themed black metal project, but then decided not to. I have released the first Eye of Flames demo (I have only made a few copies for friends and such, however the majority of the tracks are available on the music page.
Band/artist history
I play in a few projects (Pure Fucking Hatred, Pagan Forest, Emocide). I first intended to do a one man project, but have now, after completing the first demo, decided to try and get a full lineup, so that the option of playing gigs is open.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, at first I intended for this to be a solo studio project, but recently I have decided to pursue a full line-up. I have recruited the help of a friend to do keyboards, all I needs now is a bassist, a second guitarist, and someone like Trym or Hellhammer to play drums, although that will probably never happen. When I have the full line-up, we will play gigs.
Your musical influences
It would take me too long to name them all. Various black/death metal bands.
What equipment do you use?
Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar Kustom 15W Amp DOD Tec 4x Guitar Effects Processor Marshall Guv'Nor 2 Distortion pedal Ernie Ball guitar strings (gauge 12 - 56) Aria STB 4 string bass guitar Squier amp (for bass) Yamaha PSR-320/PSR-195 MIDI keyboards Sony and Goodman's mics are used. Reason 2.5 Guitar Pro 4 Cool Edit Pro 2.0
Anything else?
Go die.
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