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Mojo Brown
Mojo Brown
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Hip Hop, Soul, Hits, Originality, freestyle, Malcontent Entertainment, MalcontentEnt.com ... Mojo Brown!!!1
Mojo Brown is a California native slowly spreading his seed across the nation. From alubums, videos, soundtracks, and nationawide talent show victories his sound is spreading!
Band/artist history
I started on 4-track tape deck and graduated to my boys home studio. THen I moved to buying studio time and now I'm working on my own home studio. Got the rpograms, the mic, the computer, and I need one more piece of the puzzle and I'm going to be recording like crazy!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"I do my thaing all over Southern Cali. My family is here too. We represent everywhere! Antelope Valley, Sanfernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Compton, Orange County, San Bernadino, San Diego, Riverside, L.A. (43rd & Crenshaw)! I got folk across tha nation too, D.C., Boston, North Carolina, Atlanta, Texas, Arizona, Idaho...IDAHO?!?!? Yeah what up to my folk in Idaho!" -Mojo
Your musical influences
R&B is what makes my music original. Hip Hop came with hanging out with TRUE TRUE TRUE hip hop heads! THey schooled me and got me flowing. ONce i started impressing them I knew I had something. Then I put the two together. The way R&B blends it's lyrics with the beat is how I mesh my rhymes with my beats. That's called musical synergy!
Anything else?
Check out the home website at: malcontentent.com you can email me at: mojo@malcontentent.com Drop and email let me knwo you dropped by! You want to collaborate and you are or are going to be in the area let me know and we can see what we can set up. Colaborating is ALWAYS magic! I got beat makers, studios, publicist whatever you need hit me up I can help and if I can't we can figure out how! 1LUV Mojo