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KhanChuz..GOD's M.V.P! I got that West Coast Gangsta Rap with a Gospel Twiznis!!
Baz's culture clash feat khanchuz
Praise the Lord saints! It's that "Rap" Prophet, "KhanChuz"... changnig the Hip Hop game for tha good of GOD. Stright Christ Side 4-Life. No longer (sleeping) using this gift GOD gave me to glorify the streets (Satan), but to bring glory to GOD! (Jesus) Make way for......Khanchuz Christ Up devil down!
Band/artist history
KhanChuz the artist formally known as Sleep. The streets of Los Angeles inspired him to become an urban hip-hop songwriter and performer. After graduating Crenshaw high schoool in Los Angeles, he began to write hip-hop rap songs that projected his lifestyle on the LA streets. Because of the high crime due to drugs and gang violence in his community this was often reflected in his songs Lyrics. He began his career performing at the Good Life & project Blowed and other small hip-hop clubs, and open Mic spots in Los Angeles where he obtained management, then to go on and shine at larger venues in Hollywood like The Roxy, Carlos & Charlies, and Hollywood Showcase. This allowed him to get Cable TV exposure along with other Cable television hip-hop programs that the artist Sleep has appeared on. Sleep also expanded his reputation out side the city of Los Angeles. Sleep has astonished audiences with live performances at the Roxy and the Club Seven fifteen in Denver Colorado, The Underground Mall in Atlanta Georgia, and let us not forget the Parking lot at the Hill Street Club in Quitman GA. Sleep has always thanked GOD for every pinch of success. In this new millennium GOD had a new plan for the artist formally known as Sleep. The lord sent a prophet in the form of a woman unknown to sleep to comfort him during a time of desolation. She spoke words to him that he knew had to come only from GOD. Some of the things she said about his life he knew that GOD only knew, so he began to listen. She said GOD wants you to surrender your life to him and he will give you all your dreams. She also prophesied that GOD would reunite his family from divorce and drug addiction. Now with him knowing there was no way she could have known his family was broken, he knew this was truly GOD. They prayed together and sleep received the holy sprit. He began thirsting for the word of god, thus leading him to Jahs World Foundation Christian fellowship. At Jahs World, Sleep learned of Gods greatness and his ultimate salvation. He realized without GOD its sure damnation and with God all things are possible. The more knowledge of the word he obtained he even realized the irony in his worldly name Sleep. Now to him Sleep meant he was sleeping on Gods divine plan. He changed his name to the opposite of sleep; conscious spelled K-H-A-N C-H-U-Z. No longer sleep, the artist KhanChuz has devoted his GOD given talent of rap to glorifying Gods kingdom and uplifting the holy name of Jesus Christ in a way such that he will turn the hip-hop industry "RIGHT" side up! Lets all make way for the KhanChuz 1
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Do I play Live? All the time! At the house of GOD, youth and Community events and anywhere else I can spread the Gospel. Just get at me. I'm at Club Judah in Los Angeles 8505 S. Western Ave. 90047 come check me out!
Your musical influences
For the music? now... The Holy spirit is my Influence! I try not to listen to too much secular music for the fear of spiritual coruption.
What equipment do you use?
Nothing but a Bomb track and a Mic. pluse space for the holy spirit to move, And it's all over!
Anything else?
Get Christ in your life and have a relationship with GOD before it's too late. God Bless!!
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