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An East meets West mix of Pop, Dance, R&B and Hip Hop sounds spiced up with an Asian flare. Aasha's hits are played on MTV & VH1! Check out Aasha's 2008 Olympic
As a beautiful blonde Chinese pop sensation with songs outranking those of major label artists and a fan base of over a billion people worldwide, Aasha is capturing the hearts of the worldÃïïs most populous nation while at the same time appealing to American & European music fans for her innovative style, captivating voice and eye-catching image. Aasha is a ground-breaking Recording Artist, taking an East meets West approach to her music by mixing Western style Pop, R&B & Hip-Hop with an exotic Asian vibe and Chinese/English lyrics (what she calls "Chinglish"). This multitalented, multilingual Singer/Songwriter speaks four different languages, including: Chinese, Japanese, French & English, and was formally trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano, flute and voice. She is the first Caucasian Artist to write, produce and record Chinese pop music and the first Artist to have Chinese pop songs rank in the US mp3 Top 10 Pop Charts. Currently Aasha is collaborating with Multiplatinum Producer, Roy "Royalty" Hamilton (who has Produced for Major Artists such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson & R. Kelly) and a video is in production for their debut single ÃïïWhen Will I See You AgainÃïï. With her cross-cultural music style and global appeal, Aasha is strategically set to take on the world's largest market and has already attained chart-topping results with 5 singles charting in the Top 10 and consistent #1 rankings on multiple US & International Charts Internet Music Charts. She has been voted #1 "Hot Artist" on Asia's largest music site and was selected as the "MP3.com Babe." AashaÃïïs songs are now being played on MTV and VH1. Aasha has accumulated a large U.S. and International fan base with a mass of intrigued viewers flocking to her sites, www.myspace.com/aashamusic & www.aashamusic.com. Her Myspace site consistently ranks amongst the ÃïïTop Artist SitesÃïï on Myspace.com with enthusiastic and devoted friends writing daily requesting appearances by Aasha. She is currently the #1 Chinese Pop Artist on Myspace.com and has been featured in articles throughout the world. Recently she made guest appearances on MTV Asia and Taiwan HSN. Her unique story has generated much media interest and there is now a documentary in production about Aasha's career as the Pop Artist that is building the musical bridge between the East and the West. Aasha has not only captured the attention of fans worldwide, but has also caught the attention of multinational corporations and media companies interested in capitalizing on AashaÃïïs unique talents and strong global appeal. Currently Aasha is producing music for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China as well as meeting with Major Record Labels and International Entertainment Corporations. ?id=14063356"
Band/artist history
Born in Toronto, Canada amidst a flourishing Chinese population, Aasha was fascinated by the Chinese culture right from the beginning. Her goal was to someday be able to speak Chinese fluently. Originally, she undertook independent study using translation books, tapes, videos and computer programs. Eventually Aasha found a mentor in one of her Chinese Teachers who significantly improved her understanding of the Culture and use of the language. Aasha was also fascinated by music and the performing arts since a child. She received professional training with the Royal Conservatory of Music on several different instruments including voice, piano and flute. As a teenager, she played in award winning bands and orchestras and was significantly involved in musicals as a vocalist throughout her high school years. Aasha has also received professional training in the area of Screen Acting and has been cast in several different roles in TV series, Feature Films and Music Videos. However, Aashaïs true love was for pop music and became specifically interested in Chinese pop music. It was Chinese pop music inspired Aasha to combine her two great interests into her dream of becoming the first Caucasian to become an internationally recognized Chinese pop music recording artist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Hong Kong, China, California, New York, Florida & Taiwan. I love to put on a great show for my fans!
Your musical influences
Similar to Madonna, Janet Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Christina Milan, Jay Chou & Li Wen.
Anything else?
Download Aasha's new Dream CD at itunes.com ?id=14063356"
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