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Rick Gross
Rick Gross
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Rick Gross VOCALS, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, ELECTRIC GUITAR, DRUMS, BASS, KEYBOARDS/SYNTHESIZERS, BLUES HARP/HARMONICA Composition, Production, and Performance of all lyrics and music for the album "JOY" by Rick Gross, tenstring.com, inc. All Rights Reserved Education Oregon State University: Music Theory one year (3 course sequence) Introduction to Jazz History of Rock and Roll History of American Music Music for the Listener Introduction to Global Music MBA (Rick teaches for Portland State University) Personal one-on one Vocal tutoring by Mark Bosnian of Body and Soul Musical Experience Rick started music at an early age, playing clarinet at age 8 and taking one-on-one lessons from a locally known composer named Roy Jonstano. As a kid, he traveled all over the state of Georgia performing in a band in front of schools for many years, and each time when the band came to Rick's school, he would perform solo in front of the whole school as part of the performance. (It was customary for whoever attended a school where the band was performing to do a solo for their own school) Rick has been performing live music since 1984 when he started out playing keyboards in Seeking Will. He soon became lead guitarist and lead vocalist, and played at picnics, parties, restaurants, and talent shows. The band later evolved into a more diverse, contemporary group named Scorpio Bridge. Scorpio Bridge played at bars and parties. After Scorpio Bridge, Rick auditioned as lead vocalist in Hall of Fame and was hired July, 1992. On July 27, 1992, Hall of Fame performed at Elis in downtown Portland, OR and won bookings through Pacific Talent into 1993. Hall of Fame performed part of the local circuit that way at places like Elis, Cisco & Ponchos, Key Largo, and The Moosehead. Later in the '90's, Rick played guitar and Keyboards along with lead and backup vocals in Portland's Rock band "Hotfoot" playing clubs around the area and along the coast.
Band/artist history
Daniel 8:14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Daniel 9:24-27 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Ezra 7:7-26 And there went up some of the children of Israel, and of the priests, and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims, unto Jerusalem, in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the king. And he came to Jerusalem in the fifth month, which was in the seventh year of the king. For upon the first day of the first month began he to go up from Babylon, and on the first day of the fifth month came he to Jerusalem, according to the good hand of his God upon him. For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments. Now this is the copy of the letter that the king Artaxerxes gave unto Ezra the priest, the scribe, even a scribe of the words of the commandments of the LORD, and of his statutes to Israel. Artaxerxes, king of kings, unto Ezra the priest, a scribe of the law of the God of heaven, perfect peace, and at such a time. I make a decree, that all they of the people of Israel, and of his priests and Levites, in my realm, which are minded of their own freewill to go up to Jerusalem, go with thee. Forasmuch as thou art sent of the king, and of his seven counsellors, to enquire concerning Judah and Jerusalem, according to the law of thy God which is in thine hand; And to carry the silver and gold, which the king and his counsellors have freely offered unto the God of Israel, whose habitation is in Jerusalem, And all the silver and gold that thou canst find in all the province of Babylon, with the freewill offering of the people, and of the priests, offering willingly for the house of their God which is in Jerusalem: That thou mayest buy speedily with this money bullocks, rams, lambs, with their meat offerings and their drink offerings, and offer them upon the altar of the house of your God which is in Jerusalem. And whatsoever shall seem good to thee, and to thy brethren, to do with the rest of the silver and the gold, that do after the will of your God. The vessels also that are given thee for the service of the house of thy God, those deliver thou before the God of Jerusalem. And whatsoever more shall be needful for the house of thy God, which thou shalt have occasion to bestow, bestow it out of the king's treasure house. And I, even I Artaxerxes the king, do make a decree to all the treasurers which are beyond the river, that whatsoever Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, shall require of you, it be done speedily, Unto an hundred talents of silver, and to an hundred measures of wheat, and to an hundred baths of wine, and to an hundred baths of oil, and salt without prescribing how much. Whatsoever is commanded by the God of heaven, let it be diligently done for the house of the God of heaven: for why should there be wrath against the realm of the king and his sons? Also we certify you, that touching any of the priests and Levites, singers, porters, Nethinims, or ministers of this house of God, it shall not be lawful to impose toll, tribute, or custom, upon them. And thou, Ezra, after the wisdom of thy God, that is in thine hand, set magistrates and judges, which may judge all the people that are beyond the river, all such as know the laws of thy God; and teach ye them that know them not. And whosoever will not do the law of thy God, and the law of the king, let judgment be executed speedily upon him, whether it be unto death, or to banishment, or to confiscation of goods, or to imprisonment. -------------------------------------------- The Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844 Between 1831 and 1844, William Miller--a Baptist preacher and former army captain in the War of 1812--launched the "great second advent awakening" which eventually spread throughout most of the Christian world. Based on his study of the prophecy of Daniel 8:14, Miller calculated that Jesus would return to Earth sometime between 1843 and 1844. Others within the movement calculated a specific date of October 22, 1844. When Jesus did not appear, Miller's followers experienced what became to be called "the great Disappointment." In just a century and a half the Seventh-day Adventist Church has grown to a world-wide community of over eleven million members and millions of others who regard the Adventist Church their spiritual home. Doctrinally, Seventh-day Adventists are heirs of the interfaith Millerite movement of the 1840s. http://www.sciencedaily.com/encyclopedia/great_disappointment Seventh-day Adventists maintain that Christ went into the second apartment of the heavenly sanctuary on October 22, 1844 to begin the investigative judgment of both righteous and wicked to see who is actually ready to go to heaven. This investigative judgment takes place prior to his actual return to earth, which is they believe to be very soon. Members of the Bahá'í Faith however, believe that the prophecy was fulfilled by the coming of their prophet the Báb who heralded the coming of the return of Christ, Bahá'u'lláh. October 1844 is when the Báb started to make his public claim and began the Bábí religion. Interestingly, members of the Bahá'í Faith believe that the Great Disappointment wasn't a disappointment at all, and was in fact referring to the advent of their twin prophets the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Disappointment One Generation = 120 years And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 6:3) ------------------------------------------------- Revelation 7:4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. Revelation 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads. Revelation 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. Revelation 21:17 And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel. ------------------------------------------------- Psalms 33:2 Praise the LORD with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. Psalms 92:3 Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; upon the harp with a solemn sound. Psalms 144:9 I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee. --------------------------------- The Talmud's Music Prophesy: (Arachin 13b) The harp of the ten strings is reserved for the day when the world that is to come (the Olam Haba) is united in one harmonious whole." GOOD TIDINGS 4U Talmud: Mas Arachin 13b YouTube version .asf format Streaming Video: http://tenstring.net/zola100.asf Slow Speed Streaming Video: http://tenstring.net/zola28.asf (Special thanks to Zola Levitt) God Bless Solid Rock Fellowship, http://www.ajesuschurch.org
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Live performances on DVD and some on YouTube: YouTube Page
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1) The Day Dedicated to the Holy Spirit Who comes and goes like the wind - John 3:8. 2) New Song Dedicated to the Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844, ( based on Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 9:24-27 ), and Genesis 6:3. 3) Sing Shalom Dedicated to the Victims of Terror and spiritual dreams. Joel 2:28 4) Daily Grind Dedicated to Hard work and winning the war on terror. Revelation 18:21 5) Babel Tower Dedicated to motivation and spiritual accomplishment. Genesis 11:6-7 6) Gem State Caravan Dedicated to fishing for Idaho Trout. John 21:11 7) 4U All about LOVE. Romans 13:10 8) China - Dedicated to the Victims of Tianamen Square, Beijing, China 1989. John 15:13 9) Mt. Of Life Dedicated to Every Day Faith. John 16:33 10) Your Love Dedicated to Comfort and Truth - John 15:26 and John 8:32. 11) RALLY! Dedicated to the hopeful Advent of a GREAT Revival 2 Corinthians 12:9. John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. Genesis 11:6-7 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. John 21:11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three Romans 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 16:33 In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 2 Corinthians 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
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Guitars-Gibson Les Paul, Roland-ready Fender Stratocastor, Ovation Legend, Takamine acoustic, Gibson Songwriter electric Acoustic, Ibanez Professional Drums - Roland, Zildjian, Pearl, Yamaha, Remo Basses - Washburn, 4-string Ibanez, Top neck of doubleneck/tenstring Ibanez Professional Keyboard/synths-Roland, Korg, Yamaha Echo Audio Layla, Alesis, Lexicon, Roland Peavey, JBL, Shure, Samson, Nady, Traynor, Marshall, Mackie, Jim Dulop USA Nylon Picks, Hohner, Alesis, dbx, Line6, AMD Quad Core, Furman Power Condioning, Richenbacher, EV, Infocus Projectors
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Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 1 Kings 4:29 And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore. 1 Kings 10:14 Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold 2 Chronicles 9:13 Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred and threescore and six talents of gold Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. 1 Timothy 6:10 The love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 2 Chronicles 9:23 And all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom, that God had put in his heart. Luke 11:31 The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here. Proverbs 8 1 Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 2 She standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths. 3 She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors. 4 Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man. 5 O ye simple, understand wisdom: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart. 6 Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things. 7 For my mouth shall speak truth; and wickedness is an abomination to my lips. 8 All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them. 9 They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge. 10 Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. 11 For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. 12 I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. 13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate. 14 Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength. 15 By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. 16 By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth. 17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. 18 Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. 19 My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. 20 I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment 21 That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures. 22 The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. 23 I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. 24 When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water. 25 Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth: 26 While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world. 27 When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth: 28 When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep: 29 When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth: 30 Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him; 31 Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth; and my delights were with the sons of men. 32 Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children: for blessed are they that keep my ways. 33 Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. 34 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. 35 For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. 36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. Psalms 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever. Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zechariah 14:1-14:4 Behold, the day
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