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Century Demos
Century Demos
Harlem, GA  USA
April 18, 2005
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Urgent Update: June, 2007, We were both poisoned in a home we leased and had to abandon home, studio, clothes, and all possessions.. Thankful to have our lives. We only have our music, which no one can ever take from our hearts. I miss all the good friends here.. Please visit our other site and share our story..we're trying to save others from such pain & tragedy..An ABC News Special is posted, and many photos..Pray for us and please pass our story on to others. (When I opened my soundclick site, we had not been diagnosed)...I'll update this site as able..We need your love & support.. www.myspace.com/faceoftoxicmold God bless you all. Surviving The Storms, 911 Tribute CDs donate to: Red Cross-Salvation Army-Veteran Homes Share true story of honor and hope. We also do very inexpensive but great demos or composing. We are Tlee and Iris from a little country town, in Ga. We're so excited over the release of 3 new CDS which honor the fallen and support the living, not only thru Charity, but in their message. We hope they'll be just as special to you. Please read more on this page or visit our website. www.centurydemos.com We love music! We've been writing songs for many years. We met and became to be a team when I,(Iris)was sent to Mayo Clinic in 2000. We've been together ever since. I'm a chronic pain victim, and face many other obstacles, but very determined to live my life, and follow every dream. Never thot' I'd see "Surviving The Storms", "911 Tribute" CD and even, Truckin On become a reality! We have some special tributes and words of hope as we try to honor the fallen and also help people survive the storms of life. AS our demo service, together we hope to help others see their talents and aspirations become a reality. Please share our backgrounds and understand our goals! Our bios should tell you a little more about us. We're here to help you, any way we can do so. ***************Tlee******BIO******************** Tlee was born in Alexandria, Va. He is a self taught musician and entertainer. He traveled the midwest for about 15 years, mainly with show & top 40 groups. Back to DC area for about 7 to 10 years in concerts, clubs. During this time he opened with a Va. band for Merle Haggard at Capital Center. He toured with Big Al Downing. He backed up Del Shannon and Bobby Goldsboro. ** ** ** He lived with Billy Jo Shaver(CMA Hall of Fame) and picked music with him from NY to Nashville. Tlee moved to Atlanta to pick with friends and got involved with independent studios. ************************************************ Tlee received the Musician of the Year award in 1994 by Atlanta Society of Entertainers. ************************************************* Tlee began doing composing and demos in past several years in his studio. He excels in his work. It's a good feeling to do a good job on a song and hear the finished product. *******Iris************BIO********************** Iris spent most of her life in small towns in SC. She began writing and playing piano in her church when she was about 12 years old.She was their musician for many years.She is still active in her writng and thanks God for the gift of music! Iris was stricken down with chronic pain and serious medical problems in 1999 and moved to Ga.in 2000. She is just a country girl who loves the Lord and loves writing, despite her illness she is determined to not give up. Iris says "I know I'm a miracle of God" and her desire is to continue writing and blessing others though her songs and sharing. ************************************************ Iris loves doing special tributes and working through song for causes such as children, the sick, homeless, needy, disabled and anything she feels deeply about. She also loves doing all types of lyrics and songs. Iris just wants to be an inspiration to others out there who let life's tragedies steal their dreams. Don't give up! ************************************************ Iris has done missionary work in Mexico and was so blessed to share God's love with the children there. And just the people in general, but the kids really tugged at her heart. So precious! A few musical accomplishments Iris shares are: Hollywood Jubilee TV Songwriting Award ICMA 2nd Place Best Lyric 2001 King Eagle Overall Talent (Nashville 2000) Sacred Circle Award for Lyric..Abuse She thanks God for allowing her to keep writing and for all her blessings. Please keep her in your daily prayers for strength to overcome. **************************************************Tlee and Iris put their heart and soul in all the original music they write. They also put 100% into any work they do for others. They know your lyrics and songs are a part of who you are. Century Demos is their livelihood. But they love the idea of you seeing your songs come to life. ************************************************** They help anyone from the songwriter who needs a quality demo to the lyricist who needs music composed and also a demo. It makes all the difference in the world and you'll see Century Demos is very professional and also very affordable for almost anyone out there. We are easy to work with and offer whatever your needs are. Music tracks also. Read prices below or contact us. We help songwriters,lyricists and artists get a good studio production. ************************************************* We appreciate the staff being so kind & all the nice folks and talented people we've met here. Writers share a common bond. We appreciate the many kind comments. Thanks for your prayers and support. Give our songs a listen and leave a message and let us know you came by our site! Sample prices (You retain all rights!) $60.00 acoustic or piano demo your song $100.00 for a 4 instrument band demo of your song $150.00 (if we write chords) $200.00 for composition of your lyrics and a 4 piece band demo. Other instrumentation added for small nominal fee. Let us know your specific needs or projects. Also we provide music track in case you have someone to sing your songs as well. $5.00 extra Well, that's us. Just wanted you to know a little about us. Thanks again. We appreciate you all!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not so much live anymore, except when called upon. More into our studio, doing original material and helping others with their songs. Over the years, there's been many moments, yet you know what? A special thing to us was writing the song "Peace Be Still" for a beautiful ex-singer with Parkinson's Disease. She said it was the best birthday present she ever got. Now that's what we call special! Knowing something we wrote touched a heart. And that very song has come around and been a comfort in our own personal situations. It's posted. Give a listen! Don't give up the battle. Peace be still!
Your musical influences
We write many genres and styles. our original songs,demos,composing, lyrics, demos,or vocals.We're just ourselves. A soft spot for children, troops,charities and many needs facing the world today. We do whole lot of the real country, and also patriotic, inspirational,tributes,pop, rock, or whatever flows. We just work from the heart! Sometimes we use cliches and other times just the true words say it all. We write about life and also the lives of others! From cowboy songs to truckers,troops to politics,hunger and homeless, comedy, love ,abuse, hurricanes, disasters, pains, and just enjoy touching others by being real as to who we are!
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Yamaha, Roland, ART, Behringer, Peavey, etc.
Anything else?
Music and writing is such an awesome outlet for the creative spirit. What comes from within our hearts is something that cannot be taken away from us. We may lose our health, our homes, all our pillows turn to stone...but our music lives forever, even when we're gone. Keep us in your thoughts and hope we can be a help to many of you writers as well as Salvation Army, Red Cross and Veteran Homes. We're honored to help each of you. WE appreciate your support of our music. Hope you fine true merit in its' quality. I, Iris, also thank you for helping me get many medical needs . His grace is sufficient for us all. But we are expected to use the talents given to us. Don't let your dreams die. And don't ever let anyone convince you, you'll never make it in the music business. Just writing is an accomplishment within itself. Yet,the right song, the right place and the right time. Anything can happen in this world. So let your music play.We have a fun Trucker cd released,and we just released a 911 tribute cd out. It was mostly written from a hospital bed and it's taken a long time, but "never rush a work of art". It will help our Veteran Nursing Homes and the Salvation Army. Also Iris has released "Surviving The Storms" which will support Red Cross, Salvation Army and Veteran Homes. Live your life and Follow that dream! Iris & Tlee (century demos)
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