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Dummkopf is a unique brand of music, Have a listen.
Is Dreaming Reality Or Is Reality Dreaming?
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The Long Road
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Howdy all, for those of you not familiar with the dummkopf, he (or I) have two sides, one brings out a quirky kind of immature rock that i dont really show off that much, but the other is a side of weird drum n bass, Much like someone umm... posessed by Rock... and Techno :-/
Band/artist history
Dummkopf after being originally perceived as a full band, the idea of that broke down leaving Robert Anderson and a solo project, After about a month of nothing, A mate asked him to make a song, 22nd January 2005 was the first dummkopf song date 'BJ Gone Die' a simply made song with some poor singing and a guitar riff in the background, People liked the song for an odd reason, I didnt much care for the Immature songs I was making at the time, and wanted to try something different, Then i came upon a site where you can get loops for different genres, and I had a beatmapping program so i thought id try some of the techno ones and then I just started making these weird kind of techno songs 'Oogenbloor' was my first one.. then after a few more I did another one I really like called Another Place(Anywhere From Here). After almost finishing A full cd named "Instrumentals Of Doomered" I decided to scratch some of the songs as I was not happy with them, I changed the name of the CD to 'The Electronica Chronicles' and have almost finished it. Now dummkopf has entered a new phase of his musical knowledge, after making electronica he has stumbled upon the holy omen that bee drumeth and basseth, and has so far made some new tracks that you can download.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live would be awesome in the future, but I still have a lot to learn.
Your musical influences
Concord Dawn, Pilchard
What equipment do you use?
I use Sonic Foundry ACID Pro4.0 and that is all, list will grow when i begin playing live, sometimes use my Ibanez RG170 Guitar
Anything else?
Listen To My Music. Also check out a band im good mates with A DAYS SORROW www.adayssorrow.tk www.soundclick.com/adayssorrow
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