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Stylordz Hip Hop Network
Stylordz Hip Hop Network
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The Stylordz Hip Hop Network is an Organization consisting of various artist, perform consistantly. Our artis range from various elements of Hip Hop culture. se
The Stylordz Network is a True School Hip Hop Community; Collectivly advancing by uniting thoughts / talents expressing themselves through the anatomy of Hip Hop . This global network is specially designed to generate / stabilize various activities allowing each artist to consolidate. A production center for abstract arts. With in this organization lurks many skilled entertainers masterful / independent: & concrete knowledge on Hip Hop. This page is as tribute to those the Stylordz have assisted (+ assisting) towards sucess. Download samples on each link. A nucleus containing all elements, functioning as a unit. We offer a complete package's for those who wish to aspire. This includes; Breakdance lessons, Beat / Video production etc... Worked with Morph production in the late 90's and Co-wrote/Co-Produced the demo's that got Canadian Rock artist "Kazzer" signed to Epic/Sony USA.. Also having his first single "Pedal to da Metal" in the movie "Italian Job" and on the show Malcom in the middle. + added on some Playstation games. The Stylordz Have done shows (appearances) with famed artist such as Tom Green, Mandy Moore, Talib Qweli and have its Video, Superlordz (Breakdance tribute video featuring Supernaturalz , Stylordz break unit, Kazzer, etc) veriously played on Much Music and Trx won First place, Dyzee also in superlordz / Supernaturalz won First place on the Ricky lake show. along with Jessefex taking 1st place for the b-girlz. T-Roy Leading the Toronto Blue Jays Breakdance crew. And Charly B's record release in Europe was sucessful. (Released in Jan 2005). Some members of the Stylordz have opened for Famous Hip Hop acts such as Public Enemy and Leaders of the New school (in Canada). The Stylordz have worked diligently to establish independence and to assimilate deals for distribution. Stay tuned for our upcoming Truuf Seir album (designed for mainstream flo). All material related to the Stylordz can be purchased @ www.stylordz.com / All material produced by members of Stylordz.com You can download some of our music videos and show at this website. www.stylordz.com We are here on myspace to network and build.
Band/artist history
* "STEEL CITY" song on site 4 downloading. (4 DA PEOPLE) *SUPERLORDZ (Breakdancing tribute video) on site 4 downloading. * "WORLD WIDE PROMOTION" Now avaliable; see service link for details. * New pics from video shoot in gallery (scroll down). * New pics of hip hop contributers on Legends page (scroll down). * Thanks again to all supporters, the traffic have doubled last month. We now host this site independently, new content and updates coming soon. * Stylordz attain 2nd place @ London Battle March 25 2005. * Stylordz attain 2nd place @ Missisauga Battle March 18 2005. * Stylordz shows and battles in Toronto, March 12 2005. *W.Y.S soon ready, a little something for the masses. * Check out the Hip Hop Slang dictionary words on elementz page. * Charly B album sells 200 in first week, independantly. * Trx,Adapta, A.Brown, Rookei & Cuz. Work on set for upcoming 4 Brothers movie. Feb 2005 and Trx lands a spot in upcoming Hip Hip Movie (possibly all stylordz) * AFRIKA BAMBAATAA interview in Feb 2005 Source magazine. A pioneer of Hip Hop culture. * Break Dance lessions and sessions updated on Breaking/schedules page Feb 2 2005. * CHARLY Bs European album release Jan 2005 and doing Great! Tour coming soon. * Stylordz open performance for Hamilton Tsunami Relief, 1pm January 15 2005. A Great event held and hostedby the chinese community, channel 14 and Mayor Di Ianni. * Trx and Truff seir radio interview (in Montreal) January 15 2005 Download CKUT interview on music page now! * Meeting on January 15 2005 @ central, also W.Y.S video viewing date. * W.Y.S song test played again in club with great response. * Dyzees farewell Jam was great, 416 vs 905 Breaking (905) won. Big respects to dyzee and all who came out to the party. January 7 2005. * Charly B performing 5 shows a month in Europe since july. with various recording artist from Jamica. * Videos back on site for u to download. * Trebz n Scramble Leggz get 1st place at Copperlounge last Breakin battle. DECEMBER 17th, 2004. Thanks and shout out the the crews who participated in this event, DVD will be avaliable. * Trx wins the 1 on 1 the MC and Breaking battle @B2DU. Dec 11 Truff seir Performs WYS with great response afterwards. (soon to be on DVD) Scramble attains second place in the sickest six battles. *Stylordz bitter clash with A.B.S (Blue Jays) at Filthy Mcnasty's Dec 9 2004. * Studio services updated (new equiptment and location) Nov 26 2004. * Scrambled Leggs, Trebz, Bass win 1st place at Waterloo's Ground FX 7 event against UWB Nov 26 2004. * NEW Hip Hop History Timeline added to site (on Elementz page) Nov 24th 2004. * NEW Article on the Stylordz in the November/December Arts beats Magazine. * Trx and Trebz perform at the mc master idol prized contest Nov 24th 2004. * Meeting Nov 21th 2004. starts 3pm, (followed by after party, free + food). * NOVEMBER 11th; the Stylordz Anniversary & Remembrance to all Hip Hop Contributories. . * Truff seir Video Nov 7th 2004. Thank you all who have participated in this video shoot. Professional Works. O.U.C.H 2004 COMPETITION FOR HIP HOP @McMaster University November 5th, 2004 @ 8pm Stylordz guest performance was wikid as usual. Download Talib Qweli show on video samples page now. * Sorry 4 the pause on this site during the last 2 weeks of Nov 2004. Once again traffic exceeded our limit. Still experiencing heavier traffic month after month The Staff of Stylordz will be investing in a webserver soon, then we can offer unlimmited downloads to all supporters. Thanks to all visitors & supporters. *Stylordz Battle with G.I @ Pheonix night club Oct 21 2004 *Stylordz perform at Scotia bank fundraiser Oct 15 2004 *Stylordz perform at Abstine down town. Oct 22 2004 *Supernaturalz went to germany and represented for north america. Oct 2004 * Sorry 4 the pause on this site during the last week of Sept 2004. Traffic unexpectadly exceeded our limit. Nearly double. Website is experiencing heavier traffic month after month But thanks to all visitors & supporters. Props from RUSSIA? Nuff respect. check and see @ http://www.idance.ru/show.php?id_a=231&PHPSESSID=c14fc136d09bdf173bc950a5525f9c42 This same article is also in a Russian news paper. Stylordz show Sept 21 in T.O (At Reverb, Queen and Bathurst) * Back 2 Da Underground (breakdance jam) Sept 11th 2002. * Slam Jam Annual Street Party Sept 3rd 1233 King Street * Thursday, Sept 9 'Try Mac' break beginner class / runs from 6:30-7pm. * Trx and Supernatralz perform for Talib Kweli CNE Sept 4th 2002. * Masses enjoy Stylordz music in yukoslavia. (August) Compilation songs played in clubs. * Stylordz attend Hip Hop Unity fest August 13-15 2004. (feat: Jeru, Special ed, C.L Smooth) * Canweb.tv meets @ Universal Records with positive results August 4 2004. * Stylordz perform @ DuceSquad Smoke Party in oakvill (July 31 2004). * Stylordz perform @ Filthy Mcnastys thursday (July 29 2004). Stylordz.com website traffic overload again (July 23, 24, 25 2004). * Trebz & Scramble leggz @ Freestyle session event August 2004. * DJ Chris Briscoe & Stylordz Cover @ 134 Barton St, Hamilton. July 23 2004 * Trebz, Scramble leggz and Hazard perform at Colombia Tierra Queridain July 18 2004 (T.O) *New Stylordz Break dance school; see service link for details. (July/4/2004). * Stylordz (Mc/Break show) July 1st Canada Day event The Rivoli - 334 Queen St. W ( T.O ) *Stylordz on Global "Walk of Fame" 9:00pm-11:00pm (June/23/2004). * "Chu Chu" video now playing in Romainia. (regular rotation) * I Groove All night party in club 77. Stylordz + more June 19 2004. * Stylordz perform @ Cathedral high school. June 18 2004. * Stylordz perform @ Filthy Mcnastys. June 17 2004. * "lets get loud" show in north york. May 28 2004. * Stylordz Mc/breakdance appearance @ Hip Hop Elation Jam. (05/18/04) * "The golden curl" Stylordz dance on Global Television (05/22/04). *Tax meets Samuel L Jackson (T.O) (05/15/04) *Scramble leggz battle Benzo from BTX. 1 on 1 (05/15/04) * 2 on 2 Breakdance competition @ Copperlounge. (05/14/04) * Naturalordz battle in States. Stylordz & Naturalflow joined (05/14-15/04) * "Olympic tryouts" Trebz and Scrramble Legz represent breakdancing (05/01/2004) . *Video shoot April 10th 2004. (30 people needed) *Kazzer is to host the Music awards for year 2004. *Kazzer new album release May 1st 2004 (Hardcore). *Stylordz show @ Neptunes night club April 2 2004. *Stylordz break performance @ CD's night club. (03/31/04) *Mar 28 2004 Stylordz perform @ Mc master University. Stylordz win 1st place at York University battle. (03/27/04) *Mar 26 2004 Stylordz perform @ Surface Nightclub in T.O. *Trx attains Dancer/Actor spot in upcoming Television show. (03/24/04) *Dyzee reach to korea for breaking March 17th 2004. *Trigga interviewed on TV (soon ready 4 download) * Charly B gains momentum in Eastern hemisphere. * Organized bus tour in works. (tickets + info soon come) *Chu Chu video done. (public viewing 3/14/04) *Phate Graf design Central Nexus. (ready in March 2004) *"Seeds of New Life" now playing on exclusive Radio. *New personal Stylordz graf hats "n" gear availiable. *Stylordz interview in 4 seperate magazines Jan - Feb 2004. *Trx attains 2nd place in Toronto Break battle Feb 28th 2004. *Many world class and famous breakers attend Feb 27th battle @ Copper *Most successful break competition held in Steel city Feb 27th 2004. *4 on 4 breakdance competition @ Copper lounge Feb 27th 2004. *Trx, Trebz show with Singer ANA PATRICIA in Toronto Feb 20th 2004. *Kazzer host the "Speed Vision" television show Feb 17th 2004 *Waterloo show with inertia and principal scource Feb 12 2004. *Trx invited to enter Break battle in Toronto in Feb 2004. *Stylordz perform @ copperlounge Jan 5th 2004 *New video downloads on this website Jan 1st 2004. *Meeting (Sun) Jan 4th 2004 6pm. *Charly B + Redemption sound performance in Switzerland Jan 3rd 2004 *Break dance lessons at Mcmaster starts again Jan 16th 2004. *Popping and Locking event @ Copper lounge Jan 23rd 2004. *Seeds of new life video shoot Dec 27th, 30th and 31st 2003. *Trebz and Bass Perform for 700 inner city youths Dec 18 2003. *Charly B with album and video recorded now returns to France Dec 18th 2003. *NOV 22 2003 TO DEC 18 2004 CHARLY B ALBUM (20 songs) Breaking our previous records creating A full album and video in 26 days. *CHU CHU video shoot mid December 2003. *Stay tuned for our upcoming FREE item contest, (Gear, CDs Studio time etc...). *Stay tuned for the Canweb TV upcoming Talent search (Singers and Hosts in particular). *Break dance Competition and Guest performances at Copperlounge Dec 5,2003. *Performance at the Calvery Church November 30th 2003 in Ancaster. *Performance at the Protocal year end bash November 29th 2003 downtown hamilton. *Breaking schedule revised November 30th 2003. *All things advertised on Service link fully opperatave Nov 24 2003. *Central meeting November 24th 2003 6pm. *Stylordz Channel Congress November 23rd 2003 6pm. *November 21st 2003 Stylordz website down due to to much download traffic. *Stylordz Trebz, Bass, Hazard and Pogo Hopz, got 3rd place @ Groundfx 6 battle. Waterloo *Inertia Dance is holding dance auditions for the upcoming video shoot (December). *Trx appear on short sceen in Mandy Moore movie How 2 Deal (short clip). *Charly B makes a return visit to Canada to record his album with Stylordz in November. *Treble Bass and Hazard entering UB in New York with Peicez and fresh FX Nov 2 2003* *Treble entered with drunken monkz @ BTX and got to 2nd place Oct 27th 2002* *Canweb.TV attains victory over legal battles with rival Television stations (back in action) *You can download new video clips on the Stylordz video page Now. Planet X ETC... *Trx and DJ Raiz hold another Breakdance competition Oct 17 2003 at the Copper lounge. *Stylordz perform on Rogers cable channel 10 between on 2-5pm Oct 7 2003. *Trx, Trebz, Pogo Hopz and Griffin dance for an up coming Sony artist Oct 5 2003 in T.O. *Stylordz show in Toronto September 27th 2003 at B2DU. Plus many special guests. *Dyzee was breaking live on Ricky lake talkshow on September 19 2003. *Over 250,000 video clips have been downloaded from Stylordz site this year. *Stylordz show @ FUNKTOPIA September 12th 2003 (stay tuned for location) *Trx wins 1st place @ Much Music's Much Breaks Battle, August 23rd 2003 *Stylordz / Supernaturalz represented in Ohio August 8, 9 and 10th 2003. * New Kazzer video now playing on Much Music. "When it Rains" *Stylordz elementz show in T.O July 26 2003@ Convention Center *TRX and Dj Raiz hold Breakdance battle @ the Copper lounge July 18 2003 *The Stylordz Service Center opensJuly 1st 2003 . (Breakdance school, Studio and Store) * 30% commercial space discount is being offered to selected talent and businesses. *June 30th marks the first All Night Party hosted by Stylordz and CanWeb TV. *June 24th TRX teaches Mat Hayes from CH news breakdance lesssons @ Rude Native. *June 17 Stylordz put on explosive demonstration at Kazzer's video shoot * Stylordz show in Toronto May 21st ( more info will be on message board) * Airing live hip hop talent show every sunday. (live talent) 180,000 viewers regularly. * Stylordz central nexus opens Late April 2003. * Kaz's official release in Canada is April 1st 2003 entitled KAZZER - GO FOR BROKE. * Trx exclusive interview on CanWeb television (feb 12 2003) * Kazzer video now playing on Much Music. "Pedal to tha Metal" * 2003 (Filthy Mcnastys) Break dance Summit / 1st place winner TRX / 2nd place Bass / 3rd Vica. *Over 100,000 music samples have been downloaded from Stylordz site this year. * Boogalix Album done recorded. Planet X video almost done. * Charly B came first at the Geneva contest ( in France) for best raggae singer. Right now He is in Jamacia keepin it Live with vibes. * Stylordz production unit recieves $10,000 from Sony/Epic. (01/02/01) The Stylordz performed 5 show's at Mc master university. * The "Duel of the arts" video now playing on BRAVO television and BPM:TV. * MUCH BREAKS plays the Superlordz (test) video. Superlordz is the 1st Canadian breakdance tribute video. Involving Many of Canada's best and features Kazzer. Download finished version from this website. * Trx and Tax represent Breaking at MUCH BREAKS. (a.k.a Much music) *Stylordz live performance on E5 (Crossroads) television show. *Chief rock interview/ Stylordz performance on Buffalo tracks television station. * TRX, T-roy, Mad handlez and Wise guy feature in the Knights of the relm video. * Stylordz performed explosive show at the Montreal EXPOS STADIUM. * BREAKIN BASICS TAPE in JAPAN (more info will come in regards to this). * Superlordz video now on IMN:TV ------------------------------------------------ Track record of program and events in which we have performed: Much Music / Numerous art festivals / Various cultural centers (B.Y.A / N.C etc.) / The Native reserves / Anti racism conferences / Sickness charity show / The AIDS walk charity / Numerous elementary and high schools / Gage park / Basely park skate boarding events and dance schooling / Mohawk college / Mc Master University / Jug head Bar BQ / Sound station / Wonderland / Ezs / YMCA / Club Ka-boom / Pipeline / The Edge / Club FX / Roller gardens / Twist / Battle of the bands / Ruff house / Club Universe / Spectrum / The road runner event / Fire stone hall / Fennel hall / Germania hall / Cupid / Archilles heel / Artist assembly / Willy wogs / Mustang sally / The Ramp / The Dam / Lion of Judah / X-Club / Polo's / Gore Park / Concrete Canvas / Comfort Zone / Roxxys / Club Afric / Paradise / Asylum / The lakeside night shows / Palladium / Niagara falls / Nathan Philips Square / Opera house / Club Nite Life / Crow bar / Bravo TV / Club N.R.G - Kingdom / Caribana / Laser Vortek / Ballroom / R.S.C anniversary / The 416 / C.N.E / Radio stations 88.1 -Energy 108 - 93.3 / Kaleidoscope / La Casa D'hall / The Hudson bar / Urbanunderground / Blue note / Filthy Mcnastys / Dark Knights / La Luna / The Sway / Cable 14 / Cross Roads Television ( Element 5 ) / Expos stadium / Copper lounge Pheonix / Toronto Convention center "Autonation 2003" / Cable 10 / Global TV / Surface nightclub / Duel of Arts / Roy Thompson Hall and continuing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we Do play live in various places in ontario mainly, but other members have been global in there performance, all depend on what element is in question.
Your musical influences
The Stylordz Influence and are influenced by all artist and elements in hip hop culture, artistic, business rescorces, instructional education. It is a Hip Hop Organization for True School artist and those seeking creative developement promotion and production management.
Anything else?
A truly original sound is expressed by producers and artist from the Stylordz hip hop network. You can down load samples on the website. Both video and audio is avaliable at this site - www.stylordz.com - the Hip Hop artist that have influenced the Stylordz range from Boogie Down Productions, Ultramagnetic Mcs, Big daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Chubb Rock, Queen Latifah etc.. and some of the newschool artist, but mainly true school artist have played there part in this.