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Northeast Atlantic Pornographic Superhero Themefunk
Three-Dollar Wine (radio edit)
Peak in sub-genre #89
Blame It On Tom (radio edit)
Peak in sub-genre #54
Northeast Atlantic Pornographic Superhero Druggie Themefunk, performed by a bunch of guys who've been around long enough to know what they're doing.
Band/artist history
TYPE 4 was founded in Boston in 1990 by two singer/songwriters, Brian Cantwell and Tom Williams. Initially a rap group that used only samples and drum machines, T4 evolved over the years into a band that mixed sampling with live instruments, rap with rock & roll. With the two lead vocalists backed (at different times in various arrangements) by guitarist Mike Haas, bassist Ray Bly, drummer Mike O'Leary, percussionist Eric Goodridge, DJ KooKoo & DJ DayLate, and keyboardist / programmer / producer Matt Reyes, T4 became capable of delivering many different sounds and styles, as demonstrated on their many releases on cassette, vinyl and CD. In the summer of 1998, TYPE 4 hit the road to promote their album "Trailmix". Buying an old schoolbus, they tore out the seats, put in bunks, strapped their bikes to the back and went on a two-month-long tour, playing at various venues in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California. By then they were being booked by Skunk Records and playing with Filibuster and Slightly Stoopid. They climbed mountains, frightened natives, jammed in the forest, broke up, got back together, gave far too many CDs away for free, and generally had the experience of a lifetime. Upon returning home, T4 put together a new album, "For Sale." Two of their songs, "Touch The Hog" and "24-7-365" appeared in the 2000 holiday film "What's Cooking?". "Electric Chicken" was selected as one of WBCN's best songs of 1998. But over the next few years, internal politics and external influences took their toll on the band, and recovering from these shakeups has required the band to rebuild and re-invent itself. TYPE 4 currently has their new album "As Is" available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody etc, and is halfway through work on a new album "Written In Red", due to be released early in 2010.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played just about everywhere, though we're proudest of being banned in The Middle East.
Your musical influences
Hip-Hop 84-89, Boogie Down Productions, James Brown, Mantronix, Funkadelic, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Art Of Noise.
What equipment do you use?
World One has been a home studio since 1985, starting out recording from one tape deck to another through a mixer. Now we record 16-track digital on two ADATs.
Anything else?
So f--k apologies, American authorities, and Everyone who bothers me, I got my own priorities. I'm asking you to come with me and follow me, Religion's not technology, and I don't want you hollerin' "Trust God" at me... Brian David Cantwell
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