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An eclectic evolution of hip-hop music.
My name is Emperorshiloh, I am the underground music king of South Florida...check out my music.
Band/artist history
Emperorshiloh is one of the most versatile artists and highly influential figures in hip hop's underground scene in South Florida, he's creating a hip hop empire. He keeps his sophisticated lyrical technique and flowing syncopations of eclectic rap alive in an era when commercial gangsta rap is threatening to obliterate everything in its path. His talents range from rapper and lyricist to creative engineer and entrepreneur. His love for music started when he was a young boy growing up in Liberty City listening to Michael Jackson. The young Emperorshiloh was fascinated with the diversity of Michael Jackson's music and how he was able to take different elements and create music. As he grew and his interest in music expanded, he began hosting freestyle contests with fellow high school classmates. This gave him early recognition by his peers and other local artists-he was already known as the "freestyle king". He learned at an early age the value of a hard work ethic. The release of his first album in 1995, "Alpha: Against All Odds", was only the beginning to a bright and vigorous career. Shortly after the release, he opened a venue for the Wutang Clan and Ol' Dirty Bastard in South Florida. This opportunity gave him the chance to expand his abilities and learn a lot about the industry. The release of his next album in 2003, D.O.I. "Declaration of Independence", was his first solo album and a milestone in his career. This opened a wide range of experiences and only strengthened his motivation for his music career. Within the next three years, he opened his own studio and the Empire and the Production Haus were established. Emperorshiloh is not only a talented artist, but also a down to earth person that cares about the world he lives in. Always concerned about how to give back to the community and supporting the youth. He is currently working on a variety of new and exciting projects, be sure to stay posted.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I enjoy performing live. The stage, the fans, the entire scene gives you an adrenaline rush.
Your musical influences
R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, New Age, Rock, Country...I love it all.
What equipment do you use?
I use a variety of software and equipment ranging from audio to video. (Protools, Logic, Bryce, Lightwave, Reason, all Adobe programs, you name I use it.
Anything else?
I love all my fans, friends and people who help spread my name and enjoy my music. I would like to thank all the people that give me comments, because you help me to become better...thank you.
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