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the lost highway
the lost highway
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electronic, Alternative, Indie, Industrial, goth, techno, indietronic, pop, rock, new wave, synthwave, post punk
The Lost Highway is the solo project of Paul Maclaren, from the city of Glasgow, Scotland. 9 albums. Scandinavia (2002), International Space Zulu (2003), Mountebank & Westerland (2004), Tales From An Abandoned Airport Terminal (2008), Apline Skier (2011), I'm Your Geography Teacher (2014), Search for Audrey (2016).Carriages of Temple Gardens (2017), Mermaid Shangri-La (2020). 2 videos officially produced through Dark Form Productions - Coastline (video mix) & It's A Boy, although every track available as video on YouTube. The music is comercially available to buy, stream or download through Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and various online sites. All albums available to download for free at Bandcamp - https://thelosthighway.bandcamp.com Other sites that The Lost Highway music appears on includes - NoiseTrade, Soundcloud, Facebook and Reverbnation. All tracks are available on YouTube.
Band/artist history
Albums - Scandinavia - (2002) International Space Zulu - (2003) Mountebank & Westerland - (2004) Tales from an abandoned airport terminal - (2008) Alpine Skier - (2011) I'm Your Geography Teacher (2014) Search for Audrey (2016) Carriages of Temple Gardens (2017) Mermaid Shangri-La (2020) Videos - Coastline - (2006) It's a A Boy - (2011) Every other track available on YouTube Website - www.facebook.com/thelosthighway.scotland thelosthighway.wixsite.com/the-lost-highway
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've have played a fair number of live shows including headlining slots in our home country in Glasgow & Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Plenty special moments with audience interaction in the past.
Your musical influences
Instead of mentioning the bands the lost highway are influenced by I'll give you a list some artists people have mentioned we sound a little like or perhaps that our sound has similarities within... - the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Simple Minds, Joy Division, Primal Scream, Foals, Underworld, Depeche Mode, Assemblage 23, Editors, Marilyn Manson, Leftfield, Sisters of Mercy, Covenant, Portishead, Prodigy, Radiohead, Chemical brothers.
What equipment do you use?
the mind.
Anything else?
The Lost Highway is Paul Maclaren, writer, pioneer, drinker, lover and loveable rogue.
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