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Dance FX 21
Futuristic Techno Music
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Where did it come from?
A very progressive track with two distinct parts - first part involves digital percussion followed by an interesting distorted pad - the second part has an arpeggiated lead against a choir pad which combine to give quite a dramatic end to the mix.
Revolution 21
Revolution 21 is a three part track that relates to the deplorable system of global inequality, increasing dissent and a possible better outcome. With repeated calls of 'Kick it out!' and 'Good bye!', this mix is pretty vocal!
Rough Ride
A song with a very gritty lead synth and a floor thumping tom drum that gives the sensation of being physically put through a wooden roller coaster. The phaser effects in the latter half gives the sensation of being tossed through a looping coaster.
Harbour 21
Seascape 21
"Dance FX 21" produces very futuristic techno by seriously exploiting the ongoing software revolution in sound editing. With software studios such as Reason and Cubase etc, I can have sound studios as big as I want as long as the CPU can take it (and as long as my brain isn’t over taxed!).
Band/artist history
I started serious operations in January 2000. I used some hardware modules operated by Cubase then. Since December 2002, I got my hands on Reason 2.0 and never looked back. I acquired ReCycle in 2004 which played a major part in the production of “Fluctuations!” and hence, the hi-fi quality to the track. I also have some versions of Cubase and recently acquired the Reason 6.0 which includes a new full studio style mixing console.
Your musical influences
Chemical Brothers, Deep Dish, Sasha, Seaman
What equipment do you use?
Reason, Recycle.
Anything else?
This page was updated: 1st January 2012 Oh! I mustn't forget to thank all the fans and user stations that have supported my music, especially in the 4 year absence on my part. However I'm active once again and hope to keep it that way! Again, many thanks!
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