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Agitprop Excrement
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the name says it all
Just doing my part to piss off the radical Right..... Everything on this page has a parental advisory for good reason. There is no longer any difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. The numbers from the 2004 election clearly show how little difference there actually was between the two candidates. If the results of the election had been different you may rest assured that we would have more of the same. Though the views expressed on this site would be considered seditious by many, I am a staunch Patriot. Patriotism means being able to take a hard look at the ugly side of things in order to change them. Our political system is badly broken, business interests are in control of our government, a government that is supposed by the people and for the people. Whether or not it gets fixed is up to you. You, who sit stupefied in front of the idiot box in your easy chairs while the corporate media slowly sucks your brains out through your eyeballs. You, who go through life unaware of the suffering and hardship that your lifestyle has caused others. It is all up to you. (Scary thought isn't it?) Take a look, you won't like what you see.....
Band/artist history
Classified. Although you might be able to obtain it through a FOI request ....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have been banned from playing in the United States
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The Republican Party Inc.
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Very specialized equipment: My Brain
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Up the Revolution !
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