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Heavy melodic rock, with alot of funky bass and guitar riffs. A cross between Rage Against the Machine and Incubus.
This year Trellis has been lining up shows and recieving acclaim from critics. Playing at some of the hot spots in Philadelphia they have become a well armed and ready musical Genre all their own. From venues like the Trocadero, St. Joseph's University, Rutger's, and The College of New Jersey to 11 East Cafe and local VFW's the band is willing to play any venue and we rock the stage. A garunteed good time Trellis is ready to Serve.
Band/artist history
wrote 1 original and played their first show. It was alright, not great, but not a horrible Experiance either. Shortly after the show Judd left the band due to creative differences. That's when bassist #2 joined the band. Ken joined the band in early 2003 and played a few shows with them, when the lead singer Raf and Ken left the band and started their own band. Dave and John soon picked up Morgan and began playing instrumental shows all over their hometowns. Soon they were up for an unplugged gig. They needed a singer, they called Raf up who was still working with Ken. Raf agreed and 2 days before the gig learned all of the songs and they made a come back show that left previous fans startled. Coming back strong the band felt it's chemistry with their third and final bassist Morgan. After 2 more shows the band finally picked a name: (A Year later changing their name to Trellis) They soon started playing shows and amassing fans. They wen t into recording to record a 4-song demo entitled "A Flower Named Daisy." Soon after the recording was finished 401 Records was interesting in promoting the album. StillFrame signed to 401 Records and released they're demo, fans dug it, but the band wanted more. Never letting their momentum slip away, they began to play shows all over Southe Jersey. After 2 years the band finally began to pick up heat. Now we are ready and rarin' for anything that comes our way.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course we play Live. We love playing Live, we live for it. The Troc, St. Joe's, Rutger's, TCNJ, 11 East Cafe, Annunciation... anywhere we are schedualed.
Your musical influences
Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, The Mars Volta, Glassjaw, Coldplay, Average White Band (Seriously), The Roots, Alice in Chains, Radiohead.