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the green light go
the green light go
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pop, indie, rock. female vocals, guitars, bass, drums, & ,of course, some keyboard
Green Light Go is one of C-Us hardest working bands. They play more shows than most; many of the members are scene veterans, and its all starting to show. The bands hot-off-the-presses new EP (released last Friday, January 21, at the bands Nargile show) finds it a step up from past recording samples. As much as GLG gets pinned as a pop-punk band (its partially true), the rollicking beats and emotive output of these songs--especially Try To Say No--echo a balance between glitzy pop, punk and the latters bastard child, emo (the haphazard background screaming, noodling guitar work, love for crunchy harmonics--its all there). At the end of the day, the best comparison is really to former scenesters Sarge, whose clearly punk-influenced compositions were popped-down to, love-em or hate-em, really catchy songs. Whatever you want to call it, GLG delivers an EP of four songs ripe for the sing-along, the band already showing a vast maturation in its young existence. -- Zack Adcock
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formed one + years ago
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your basement