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Long Cut
Long Cut
4 Tracks
Rock, Blues, Red Neck, Hendrix, Folk, Mundale, Heil, Ball, Hulse, Perry, Sexy, rural, Ridge music
LONG CUT: An eclectic collection of sounds, ranging from a deep southern rock, bluesy sound to more jazzy rhythmic melodies with an east coast alternative edge... everything but the kitchen sink.
Band/artist history
It all began in a bunch of different factions. Ryan Ball and Matt Duffy used to play acoustic songs together early last year. JJ Mundale and Andrew Heil found a common thread through their love of a more southern sound. Heil and Steve Hulse played on the drumline together. After a period of time, Heil, Duffy, Hulse and Ball were asked by a fellow music lover, Leroy Falconi (Bluesdog), to play a blues song for a talent show. These groups laid the foundation for future musical endeavors. Then the summer came, and all parties went their separate ways for a few months. Upon their return to the Coast Guard Academy, Ball, Heil, and Mundale began jamming often, developing their acoustic blues Sound. Duffy and Hulse played with a punk group for a little while. These groups played with each other at a bonfire, and later on at a concert in a small hall. Hulse had joined Heil, Ball and Mundale for this concert, bridging the gap between the punk group and the acoustic blues. Duffy made a few guest appearances on stage with Heil, Hulse, Ball, and Mundale. Mundale told Duffy that he "wanted him on his team" that day. From then on, the five have been playing with each other, developing their sound, and playing as many shows as possible.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, as of now that's all we do. We're puttin our stuff out for people to hear.
Your musical influences
Ohh baby, here we go. For JJ, Jimi (God rest his soul) has probably been his biggest influence. On top of jimi, there is The Cream and Southern Culture on the Skids with their whacky rockabiliy acid country sound. the Peppers have been a real big movement in his lickin too. Andrew Heil is a child of the peppers, the guitar of john frusciante in particular, with some hendrix, jimmy buffet, the roots and a dash of dave - ryan ball takes a modern acoustic rock approach to his music, heavy into dave matthews, jack johnson, and some punk a la starting line and fall out boy - hes the master of the panty-droppin love song. Duffy takes his influence from the alternative/prog rock scene, mainly Mogwai, as well as some of the Shins, my chemical romance, and the rap sound of Atmosphere. Hulse loves the rhythm, Carter Beuford from Dave Matthews Band, Dave, Travis Barker from Blink 182, Buddy Rich, and Gene Krupa.
What equipment do you use?
... cheaply bought or easily stolen. Same difference.
Anything else?
. --
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