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The name speaks for itself. Everything here is 100% real, 100% original (beats, lyrics, etc. Stop through if you're interested in real hip hop...
Check Out These Links www.myspace.com/Doclocke www.myspace.com/Kurzed www.myspace.com/LbzweaponX Dheeper Meaning Productions and Weapon X are two Hip-Hop music factions, coming together to help boost one another ahead, and make great music. Weapon X is actually a part of Nepotzm Records, and Dheeper Meaning Productions are a music production team. Although the two entities, (Dheeper Meaning, and Nepotzm Records) have very different and distinct styles from one another, they have came together to spread the true essence of hip-hop.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we have done plenty of shows in the Cleveland area and will continue to do so.
Your musical influences
NPT: We are influenced by everything and everyone, a variety if you will. From Tupac and Biggie, to Nirvana, Garth Brooks, Ray Charles, Offspring, Bjork and plenty others. DM: Also everything and everone, from classical music to cool jazz like Miles Davis and Herbie, Mahavishnu, Return to Forever, to rock like Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Phish, soul, reggae, and of course the best rap music available, which includes Iyan Anomalie, Tech N9ne, Tupac, D12 (Yes, including Eminem), Dre, Spittin Image, Zion I, Nas, and everyone we record with. -Doc.o.D.- Besides people, my musical influences are mainly the ideas of musicality and originality. Bad rap is everywhere, because nobody wants to make music anymore. I love the idea of mixing styles and doing something new.
What equipment do you use?
EMU MP7 drum machine, Mackie CFX12 mixer, Roland XV-88, Audio Technica At3535 condenser mic, Shure instrumental mic, M-Audio studio monitors, Acid 4.0, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, mobile pre-amp, and some electric guitar somewhere in the closet, along with a didgeradoo, a violin, a clarinet, and random things like that.
Anything else?
WX: Thank you in advance for giving a listen to our music. We wildin' out over here and we want all to share in that experience...our music is La puffin' vodka and whiskey drinking, beer spilling, influenced so grab a 40 oz and give an ear to this. DM: It's all fun, it's all crazy, it's all dheeper. Remember when you listen to this stuff that we've gone through three years of bodily and spiritual torture to be able to make it. We're finally starting to emerge now...
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