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Saved By Smarties
Saved By Smarties
4 Tracks
Saved By Smarties. Straight out of Madison Wisconsin!
All These Middle School Girls Want Me
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Something Stupid
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Stupid Girls, Stupid Guys
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James Gatz Wasn't That Great
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Right out of Madison Wisconsin, here comes a newly formed band that goes by the name of Saved By Smarites! ROCK ON! Saved By Smarties is a rock band looking for the middle ground between Hard Rock and Punk Rock while adding in humor along with meaning. It must also be added that the band will never have lyrics that go against God. Features Dane on vocals, Sam on guitar, John on guitar, and Ben on bass. AND it looks like the band finnally found the drummer they have been looking for! Under the direction of Sam the band has been practicing and working on their first cd which will be titled "Can You See The Orange". Their first demo of "James Gatz Wasn't That Great" recieved many plays and will be re-recorded for the CD as the first "single". Keep an eye out for Saved By Smarites in the next few months! You can contact Saved By Smarties at Savedbysmarties@hotmail.com, on AIM SavedBySmarties, or through MySpace. www.myspace.com/savedbysmarties
Band/artist history
"Hey man we should form a band. Sweet lets do it."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're planning on it!
Your musical influences
We all listen to different types of music. We want to not be hard rock, and not be punk rock.
What equipment do you use?
I'll make a list of instraments, pedals, and amps soon. We record onto a computer. We record onto a computer using Acid Music.
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