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Female-only gothic metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I'm Dying by Little
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is an all-female band which mixes gothic, rock and metal into music that doesn't fit into any categories. The band's been around since 2002 and has played in some "important" concerts, such as Vamp Festival 5 in São Paulo and Imago Fest, in Rio de Janeiro.
Band/artist history
Trinnity began in March 2002, when Thaïs Dias and Cristina Mülller decided to put in practice the project they had been having for some time. Firstly, the idea wasn't to form an only women band. However, when they started to look for other members, they met drummer Cynthia Tsai Yuen and guitarist Lilian Martins. Therefore, the band seemed to be complete, with its original and exclusively female line up. Throughout the rehearsals, the need of one more instrument to fulfill the band's sonority was noticed. In that meantime, Lilian Martins left the band due to musical differences. After a little while, keyboardist Letícia Figueiredo joined the band, bringing more harmony and sobriety to the songs. At the same time the band began to write its own music, the search for a new guitarist had its start. Soon the name of Tatiana Sans came up, who actually joined the band, but for a little time only. Lissa Nobre was her substitute, but she also left the band within short time. Both left the band for musical divergence reasons. For a few months, Trinnity didn't have a steady guitarist, but in early 2003 Virgínia Nuñez joined the band and fit in really well. In February 2003, Trinnity began recording its first demo CD, produced by Vladimir Rodrigues (Gangrena Gasosa). After the recording, Cristina Müller left the band to dedicate herself to college. To replace her, vocalist Melissa Bôa Morte joined the band, also with the purpose of broadening the band's work. In September, Trinnity released the demo CD mentioned above, entitled "The Reflex of Emptiness". The band also began playing live to make their songs known. In late December, guitarist Maria Fernanda Cals joined the band to add some more heaviness to the band's music. Also, keyboardist Letícia Figueiredo left due to personal issues. Nowadays, Trinnity is currently looking for a label to release their debut CD, as yet untitled.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do play live and we don't have many restrictions. One special moment was playing for about 800 people at "Vamp Festival 5".
Your musical influences
Anathema, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering.