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Dope as Fuck Real Gangsta hits by real Gangstas
Komatosed = P.W.T & Romy Rome 2 highly ambitious Street Hustlas Turned Entertainers. P.W.T. Grew up in South East Portland (Felony Flats) Where he still resides To this day. As a youngster (13) P-dubb Got involved in gang bangin' and soon found himself Looking over his shoulder at every turn. At age 17 he went to prison for running down a person with his vehicle. He received a 50 month sentence. About 13 Months in he met Romy Rome. They started working together on the yard every day writing songs and soon P.W.T. realized that making music is what he wanted to do with his life. Romy Rome grew up in North East Portland And like P-dubb he also Got Involved with Gang Bangin' at an early age. By the time he was 17 Romy Rome had been shot twice with a total of 17 shots, Had more then 1 child and slangin' Daily. He would eventually go to prison not once but 2 times it was during his second term when he met P-Dubb. After his Last release from the PEN Romy Rome made a personal decision to do right for his family and has done so how for over 2 years. When P-Dubb got out of jail he got a hold of Rome and the started to get down in the studio and with both men Very talented and dedicated to making this rap thing happen I don't see what will stop them.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"We working on it."
Your musical influences
Crooked I, Yuckmouth, The Game, 2Pac, Messy Marv, Dr.Dre, C-Bo, Etc.