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the high rollas
THE HIGH ROLLAS music for your listening pleasure
15 songs
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Thought You Knew
featuring Erica Davidson, winner of the Fox TV Talent Show. Shout out to d***k Hodgins at Osceola Records, NC
Club 757
GoldFinger new to the team seems to fitting right in, shout to Rio Grande
play with fire
This is a Blak Dymondz Exclusive produced by GoldFinger
Last Call
it's Goldfinger at his best. Check him out at the battle of the beats
The Phat-ness Monster
V.I.P., a new member of the high rollas, contributed this electrifying track
The high rollas, a group of musicians and producers, have been working hard creating refreshing melodious tracks that artists can't wait to sing or flow to. A new band of soul brothers, the high rollas bring together an eclectic mosaic of musical genres. Inspired by the past and present the high rollas integrate classic techniqes with modern technology (which includes using home made drum sounds, ha). Designed to move people (out their seats), their music is more than samplers and software. The high rollas musician team includes among others guitar, keys, bass, violin, sax, trumpet, trombone and drums. Our experienced songwriting department consists of rappers and singers, some of which have been doin' it for twenty years or more. The production team itself is continuously growing in numbers as producers are realizing this music business has to be taken by force. There's true power when the high rollas collaborate on their music. No one man bands here. The high rollas are dedicated to synergy and making music for the everyday ear.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Haven't yet. It would take a lot of stage space to fit us on there.
What equipment do you use?
Equipment? Computer recording, Reason, Soundforge, Sonar, keyboards as midi triggers and for crazy sounds, guitars (small and large, electric and accoustic), pots and pans (whatever necessary), live bass sometimes, we go on and on...
Anything else?
Peace out to Ben Velez and Jamie, who now are proud parents of a beautiful boy. Landon and William Moore for being some of our biggest supporters. To all our Moms and Dads and Grandmas, we say "One day we'll make it." To Eric Fox, Geoff Gentilini, Nate and Justin Pecsko, Al Sullivan, you know the "HAT CREW". Big shout to Blak Dymondz, Elbow Grease Productions & Nvisiblebeats, plus Tech 9 and thailive @ VERSASTYLE RECORDS (S.K., WE GOTTA GET YOU OUT THERE). Congratulations to BIG MAC who just got married, thanks for your support. Al Green, hit me up. To Diego and crew in ATL. HOMEGROWN ENTERTAINMENT we appreciate your intelligence: LOS. Check out D'YORE's new album release (We'll probably put some of his tracks up for your listening pleasure). Big shout to Darrell Adams (Producer, Singer, Songwriter) who knows everybody and their moms in the industry. HOPEFULLY WE'LL MOVE INTO THE STUDIO SOON, MAN! Can't forget Mike Davis. The man who inspires us to do more.
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Like what you got going. Come through and check my music. New singles now posted. Just A Game for the radio, Southside for the hood, and Click Clack for the G's. Holla at me on the message board and let me know what you think.
What's up Paul. I like your tracks. You got some hot beats. I look forward to working with you real soon. Peace & God Bless, RIGHTEOUS
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