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the DustRoom
the DustRoom
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the DustRoom is the vision of Paul Massey, originally from Darwen, Lancashire. This lad's got a whole load of classic analog hardware and cutting-edge software behind his electronic sounds and style. Now living the High Peak, Derbyshire the countryside's not so much a peacful place! Creating music for 8 years without a UK release; with sounds inspired by artists from many ranging genres and strong links in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany it's about time the UK heard something from their own electro-child! the DustRoom has come of age, he's here with the sound he's been waiting to unleash and he plans to stay.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I play live with only my PowerBook or my full setup, depending on the venue etc.
Your musical influences
Whoa, I guess stuff by Aphex Twin, Tipper, Boards of Canada, Vector-Lovers, the Chemical Brothers, BuckFunk 3000, RJ Valeo, Yasume, Xela, Logreybeam, Juno Reactor, Moby, Squarepusher, Prodigy, Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, Pixies, Sex Pistols, Rancid and loads more.
What equipment do you use?
Wow, my equipment used to be simple, just a PC with a copy of ReBirth and Reason, it's now grown from that into something much bigger. I have a TB-303, Moog Prodigy, Monomachine, Machinedrum SPS-1 UW, SidStation, microKORG, Quasimidi Sirius, Quasimidi Quasar, Novation K-Station, Novation BassStations (keyboard and rack), Yamaha A4000 Sampler, Novation Drumstation, TR-606, Behringer B-Control BCF2000 & BCR2000. Software, I use Cubase SX3, Reason 3 and NI Komplete 2 Korg Legacy Collection and some VSTi instruments such as stuff by ReFX.