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crazy fools
murfph is the spinach pinapple smoothie of the hip hop, punk, rock, flamenco, salad
Band/artist history
The Super Short Murfph History. Murfph was formed in 2000 when W. Ryan and George Basil thought it might be fun to make hip-hop music. Instead, Murfph. Joining in on drums was Ryan Dylla, and a pretty cool guy named Josh on guitar. George played bass with his roommate B., and W. sang, while Mike Sewicki joined in on turn tables. We jammed in those days and hoped wed find a way to write songs. The glue was missing and nothing quite pieced together till Josh quit and George was kidnapped by South American Midget Liberation Association. Peter ODowd, and Crazy Ed Young filled in the voids and the glue was plentiful. Our first show was set for Memorial day weekend 2001 at the now extinct Empanada Parlour. We played as the group we are now after about a month of rehearsal and we were invited back the next month. We also played in that time our first gig at 710 club on Red River, and The Hide Out on Congress. We have been consistently called back to 710 and we played a few more shows at the Empanada Parlour before it closed. The smooth talking Atom Rapp was our promoter at the time and even though a number of our shows were to the same eight people who happened to be our friends these shows were very important for the memories and lessons. We refined our skills in places such as Houstons Fitzgeralds all the way to the exotic Hog Barn in San Angelo. Atom Rapp came through and got us a sweet gig at the Mile High Station in Denver. The peak of our success. Murfph then underwent some significant changes. We acquired a percussionist/vocalist by the name of Fatty G. He is the high energy guy beating on the bongos with the ghetto booty. His mom used to feed him lots of corn. Around that time we started playing at the new Ruta Maya coffee house every week, and then Ryan Dylla announced that he was going to Australia to find an understanding Aborigini woman to wed. Well, he didnt find one so he moved home to his parents house in Houston. We aqquired a drummer by the name of Nate Dog and continued on our way. During the Murfph life we recorded many songs, and two official albums: Jiggawhat and Parting the Roast Beef Curtains. They havent gone platinum yet, but patience is a virtue. Murfph is a true collaborative effort where in all of the artists involved have the opportunity to run free in the realm of their creative style producing a sound that is unique and fun. What else is there to say? When a group of people mutually decide to lead and follow one another with mild respect and humility there is no telling what will happen and this is precisely Murfph.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
austin, tx
Your musical influences
g luv and special sauce, ministry, mr bungle, barney,
Anything else?
be naked and join a wilderness loving nudist group
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