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Blanco Benny
Blanco Benny
24 Tracks
The Benny Blanco Chronicles (Based On A True Story)
BENNY BLANCO / BIO Based out of the Bronx, New York, Benny Blanco is set to emerge as one of the rap games latest upcoming artists. This rapper and producer has not only displayed his proficiency on and off the mic, but has extended his efforts and passion for the music industry to create his very own label. After being featured on several mix tapes, creating a buzz on the music scene in New York, Blanco struggled with record labels and several legal battles and decided to market himself overseas. Confidant in his ability as an artist, and backed by determination, he created his first solo album, released in Asia, entitled The Bronx Tale, an introspective album revealing his struggles as a new artist. The sales in Asia got Blanco sponsored and on his first major tour solidifying his ability on the mic. After proving that a Latin rapper does not need to fit a cliché mold, Blanco started his own record label, Its Nuffin Records, in 1996 in order to continue to pave his own way to success while maintaining his roots. His relentless dedication to his music now has Blanco signing and working closely with his own artists as well as producing his own music. He currently has three new mix tape releases and a full album in the works. His success overseas, as well as his success in the U.S. has forced this young artist to grow in a very short period of time, and his choice to go against the grain has not only made him a successful entrepreneur but has positioned him to make his own moves within the music industry. -Javier Molinos
Band/artist history
COMPANY / BIO Its Nuffin Records, founded in 1996 by marquee artist Benny Blanco, currently consists of three heads, Benny Blanco,G.Yamashita and K.Hagemann. The label started as a dream and was pioneered by Blanco to become a reality. His vision was a label, not afraid to roll against the grain, to take chances, and to sign and market artists in a real and profound fashion, without the corporate red tape dealt with in the past. Its Nuffin Records prides itself on its music taste and backs its ventures with business savvy and a tireless work ethic. Having knowledge of the music industry both in the states and overseas Its Nuffin Records considers itself a label built around its artists, willing to take an active role in both their music and their careers, striving for the best relationship and outcome for both the artist and the company. With industry success already taking place overseas and major moves made within the U.S. Its Nuffin Records considers itself to be a force within the industry. The label is prepped to make its mark within a very competitive music industry, and with an effective strategy for success already in motion, there is no telling the potential of this label. -Javier Molinos
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live Tour 2001- The Bronx Tale...We all loved it..7 months on the road- lots of up and downs...but it was worth it...Japan,S.Korea,Australia,Guam,Hong Kong,Hawaii and the Phillipines...
Your musical influences
Jay-Z, Big Pun, Notorious B.I.G.
What equipment do you use?
Motif 8, ASR, MPC 4000...and don't forget your Protools Rigg..HD3 Accel/Plus Apogee Conversion. (In other words we know our sh@%t!!!)
Anything else?
www.itsnuffinrecords.com The Official "Benny Blanco" website
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