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the Mindless Few
the Mindless Few
2 Tracks
we are a hard rockin garage band that has never played in a garage we have a motherfuckload of hair because were all pothead losers who are going to wind up as
were a garage (well basement really) band from newburyport, Ma we use a lot of soft-hard dynamics and sweet riffs along with a whole fuckload of hair, plaid and sweat oh yeah and pizza, cant forget pizza in conclusion: we fucking rock motherfuckers s'right fool
Band/artist history
formed 10/31/02 still rockin harder than ever
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we play local shows (newburyport, ma) its good times for all, we usually have 2 or more other acts playing with us, some soda, pizza, and groupies and fans, lets not forget them
Your musical influences
soundgarden, phish, alice in chains, mudhoney, nirvana, screaming trees, led zepplin, black sabbath, blind melon, hendrix,
What equipment do you use?
guitars, a striped bass, drums, cybals, microphones, amps, speakers, and a bigass knot of cables
Anything else?
if you have sex with all 4 of us at the same time you get to be named mindless slut of the century no men please if anyone considered that, you are a sick motherfucker you're also slut of the century i mean, i know we're sex beasts and all but COME ON 4 at a time, what the fuck is wrong with you (email us with all your contact info, maybe we can figure something out)