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Txtbook Pisces
Txtbook Pisces
11 Tracks
Organic instruments arranged into electronica, usually ending up rather ambient. People tell me my music is good to sleep to.
I play lots of instruments. I just get bored and pick them up. Started getting into electronica and I'm tryint to put it all together in interesting ways. Unless I have something very specific to say to someone else, all of these songs are written only for myself. If you enjoy them, I'm pleased, but I am my only target audience.
Band/artist history
Just a one-man narcissistic musical project. Some stupid boy got bored and wrote a bunch of songs. Some history, eh?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to do solo acoustic sets, but not so much anymore. I work with another band right now, but this is not for that. I loved to play and would like to again sometime, but for the most part, I take the most joy in composing things that set me at ease.
Your musical influences
Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Tool, Bill Hicks, acoustic folk music like Ani DiFranco, Irish folk music, hip hop poetry like Mos Def... I find something i like in almost everything and I try to let it influence the music I write. It's all about what I want to listen to.
What equipment do you use?
I use a simple but relatively powerful program called Tuareg. You can download a trial version from .
Anything else?
I've been losing touch with my desire to write over the past year or so. Perhaps this will revitalize me to some extent.
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