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The Delta Effect
The Delta Effect
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We are a progressive/art rock band that is one part American and one part Australian. We mix screaming guitars, haunting violins, and lush synthesizers with vo
We are The Delta Effect. We are at the root a two-piece outfit (in the studio) and between us, we play all of the instruments on the recordings. We are progressive, artistic, and hopefully unique. You tell us.
Band/artist history
Conceived in 4th quarter 2003, The Delta Effect was established by songwriters Cory McCarthy and S. Kunst. Inspired by classical music and progressive rock through the generations, The Delta Effect combines the vocal stylings of McCarthy and Kunst with guitars, violins, and lush synthesizers to deliver a unique new sound.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, as of early February 2007, we are JUST writing for now. We are preparing for our big album recording for later this year. We are obviously more of a studio band, but we do plan to play out once we have obtained all the necessary equiptment for the two of us to sound like four or more! We know what we need, it is about purchasing and programming now. Although, the album takes precedence! Playing live, to us, is more of a "do we need to" sort of thing since our music is much more intellectual rather than raw and akin to that element or energy. We WILL and DO plan to play live, but it will be when the album is ready sometime in late 2007 or so. Just hang in there, Porcupine Tree didn't play live the first time until six years after formation!
Your musical influences
Our influences range from Prog like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, and The Moody Blues to Shoegazer bands like My Bloody Valentine to Art Rock like The Cure. We even have a list of classical influences to boot (Bartok, Vivaldi, Beethoven...), there is just so much that inspires us musically and as artists.
What equipment do you use?
I (Cory) use Gibson electric guitars, Yamaha acoustic guitars, Fender/Marshall amplification, and primarily Roland effects. S. Kunst uses a Suzuki violin and Roland effects. The keyboard and synth on the EP recordings was done primarily on Korg instruments. A Fender bass was used in the studio for the bass parts.
Anything else?
We are quite cinematic at times, some of our music could possibly fit well into an epic film (not as a score but rather as a emotional backdrop). The main soundtrack song if you will!
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