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Minds in a Landfill
Minds in a Landfill
16 Tracks
Something from my mind - Is it trash - is it garbage - I grew up listen to the greats from the late 60's and 70's but enjoy everything.
Real Live Dead People
Peak in sub-genre #44
Shut Up and Dance Naked
Peak in sub-genre #45
Welcome to Minds in a Landfill A realm somewhere between dreams and nightmares If you like what you hear or even if you don't leave me a comment on the message board. Peace Bob K aka Bob Midinite Acid Mannalo Al Grey
Band/artist history
Always liked writing songs and playing music. I started back when I was in catholic grade school. Not songs but poetry. I started picking up playing the organ but never liked taking lessons. I then started playing guitar actually took lessons for about 2 years. When in high school I was in talent contest. Nothing serious mostly did it just to see what it was like to be in front of a crowd. I borrowed and amp and guitar for the show. Really didnt now how to handle the power and ended up sounded like a wild man. After that I was asked if I wanted to start a band. It was me and another guy playing guitars and a drummer. We wrote a few songs together, sound like crap but were having fun. They wanted to make money and I wanted to stay doing original material so we went our own way. I been writing for the past 20 years but it wasnt till I found a program for my pc where I could do my own mix and having my personal recording studio. After a few years of experimenting I came up with Minds in a Landfill. Never really like using my name so I came up with some alias Bob Midnight - Singer and the melody side. Acid Mannalo - Down to earth but creative. Al Grey - Quiet but loves to make noise.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live - did a couple of times, many years ago when I was with a real band.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd - mostly old stuff before the The Wall, The Moody Blues, Led Zep, The Cars, many of the new wave and techno groups from the 80's. Let's not forget the first rockers like Beethoven,Bach and Brahms(hope I spelled them right???). Stuff like Nektar, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Jean Jarre, and ELP. Almost anything that I could find and some that I heard from friends.
What equipment do you use?
Yahama guitar and keyboard, copper pipe, anything that makes a noise - use a PC and Magix Audio Studio
Anything else?
If you like what you hear or even if you don't - drop me a email or post feedback here - I am always interest in hearing what you think. NEW First try at video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3640728453942697981
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Saint Lucia (J. Cole x Nispey Hussle Type Beat)