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We're a rock band that likes to break down stereo-types once in a while by playing anything we enjoy playing.
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Wicked Game
Good Times Bad Times
Zep Cover
Enemy Combatant
Blues for Me & Lucian
Softly Louder
Electric Ecstasy. Really that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We listen to music to take us places, to provide some form of escapism from our demanding lives. Different forms bring about different feelings. We believe music is about freedom, in it’s most absolute form. We have some revolutionary ideas about the current state of the industry & plan to turn it upside down with our approach. Since our beginning we have pursued the belief that every show can be a unique experience, bringing in people that have seen the show from the previous night, due to the fact that they know it will be another unique experience that they can share with us. Our songs are structured, but only in the simplest of senses, allowing us to do what we do best... improvise. Each member of the band has a strong & clear enough musical voice that they are able to express it as it comes to them, moment to moment. So in some way, the songs are rewritten every night. We follow more of a Jazz theory of execution; we lay down the foundation, then expand upon the theme. We’ve had a very successful approach, bringing in more people than if we were to play exactly what you hear on the recordings, which ultimately seems like a boring, repetitive existence to us. Ever been to a show where even the dialog was scripted? I can think of a few bands that I have seen more than one show from a tour of, where even the stage banter is a calculated dialog & delivery. It creates a somewhat sterile environment, & hampers the growth of everyone involved...the musicians AND their collective fans. We are here to follow in the steps of other bands that pioneered this technique commercially (such as The Grateful Dead, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin and Phish to name a few), & we are proud to uphold that tradition. We enjoy the freedom of writing in any style that we want, without stereotypical restrictions. As far as the industry goes...there has been a revolution not-so-quietly gaining momentum. An undeniable force which record labels & execs fail to see as the heralding of a new era in recorded music. I speak of course about the Internet, & more specifically trading or sharing of digitized music. How much money has been spent on protecting’ a CD (which in some cases ruins the PC, which tries only to play it, or exposes it to hacking intrusion due to arbitrary sloppy coding)? I could not even guess the number, as I am sure it is epic in proportions. Meanwhile the artists still continue to lose money, as does the industry as a whole. We knew immediately the way to handle this dilemma was to embrace it. That’s right. If the industry dropped its CD MSRP to say about 5.00-7.00, think of how many more people would purchase it. We as a society have paid $16.95 (or more!) for a CD since it’s inception as the new medium way, way, way back when it ousted albums & cassettes. While obviously the cost of producing the material physically relevant to our product has in fact decreased, this has never been reflected in the pricing. Furthermore, it goes deeper to what you as a musician wish to have as your approach...do you wish to record & sell albums...or do you wish to play live, traveling to places you have never seen, meeting people from various cultures with the common thread of music between you? As improvisers we THRIVE in a live environment...our goal is to distribute the music digitally on the internet, giving folks one main place to go; so more of the downloads can be counted, plus give fans a place to get the music without having to receive inferior quality recordings, or worry that we will ‘digitally remaster’ our entire catalog and re-release it for the dedicated fan to purchase yet again. We also have pioneered live Internet concerts, creating our own Internet radio station. As the computer industry & programmers provide the way, we help provide momentum. The sham is up...its time to give back to the listeners. We collectively raise our finger in the air to ‘homeland security’, the branch of government created to fight terrorism, which now fights internet trading as if it was a terrorist attack! F&*k the narrow-minded archaic record execs, F&*k RIAA, & F&*k homeland security (which has obviously lost TOTAL of sight of why they were created to begin with!). The humor of the situation is overwhelming. We will give away our music to the general public (for non-commercial uses), play live as often as possible (THAT is where the money is at), & provide the most unique enjoyable musical experience we can. We firmly believe this is the way the industry has to move forward in order to retain any integrity and honesty. ELEXTACY 11-16-05
Band/artist history
We've had our good times and our bad times, about 10 years worth now. Crazy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lately we are networking and recording with as many musicians as we can, pulling together some really great ideas for our upcoming independent release.
Your musical influences
We've been compared to some other bands. Our influences range from old to new, but with a decided lean towards psychedelic progressive, capable of spanning multitudinous genres.
What equipment do you use?
uses guitars, bass & amps. uses Mics and equipment.
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