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SA Soliderz
SA Soliderz
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rap S.A SA mobsters T Bleu uk london freestyle
This is T and Bleu puttin it down 4 S.A and takin over in the uk. Shout out 2 S.A the family who aint here right now Shawn, Romel, Devon and u kno we ganna re-united soon. Shout out to OGs like Ali, Oz and Cue 4 bein there when i needed more than just friends. Cue, you kno i got nuff respect 4 you. And every1 else who supportin S.A (too many 2 names to list) and to the rest of u mobsters, players, my ladies (keep ur sexy selves lookin fine)put it down like its suppose to be.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We bust lyrics on the bus, in the street, anywhere outside clubs (coz Bleu was banned so we couldn't rap inside em) anywhere we lke to freestyle pull in a crwd and be heard
Your musical influences
Big L, Nortorious B.I.G, 2pac come on most of the usual. Kanye West bringing a knew side to the game. Nuff respect to Dizzie Rascal who did his thing, 1 of the few the actual started 2 do it properly.
Anything else?
use ur heads niggas "the world is a game to be play" fuck it up take it over. and dont worry about them haterz ..... man the other day a nigga was hating and didnt even kno me just coz i the bitch he wants but she wants me.