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Roswell Grey
Roswell Grey
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VERMONT'S Own Roswell Grey!!!! Hear me on jango radio http://www.jango.com/profiles/53976988?l=0
Roswell Grey began writing songs at the age of 14. He had plenty of natural talent which included playing guitar and singing but he always loved hip hop and decided to test his hip hop skills. He injected his own vocals into Tupac and 50 Cent songs and created his own remixes. They were so perfectly done that his father thought he was listening to CDs. He put a few shows together and played at local college stations. He knew then as he knows now that hip hop was where he wanted to be. Roswell Grey is currently working on his third project titled Deep Vibrations. As a sample to what is said to be a great CD, Roswell released his hit single All I Need which is a party song. The title says it all. Its about looking for a modern party track doing party things with a party mentality with like minded people. Its a delightful fun time for all. Its a high energy fun song with plenty of electro back rhythm with great animated vocals. Love it, move to it, dance to it and thoroughly enjoy it. This is the type of song that makes you smile and have fun. Expect more of the same when Deep Vibrations when it is released in September 2013. Roswell Grey is a versatile artist. He allows audiences to witness his depth of character with a mindset to create cool music. He gives a taste of his music for free on his website to pleasure the palates of fans from all over. His single All I Need, without very much effort, reached Soundclicks top 500 in about a week. That is the mark of a great artist. This single is a clear indicator as to the style of music he writes. His songs are fun party themed songs which embrace his roots and that makes him shine. You can tap into more of Deep Vibrations on Dat Piff.com and on www.soundclick.com Prior releases include A Call from Space and Radio Waves Roswell Grey is always in a state of growth. With each song that he writes and records fans experience his life as he evolves. Once the CD is released he is planning a college tour to promote his new CD. No additional information is available at this time. There are a multitude of websites to listen to and/or purchase his current or previous releases including but not limited to: www.soundclick.com/roswellgrey www.facebook.com/roswellgrey www.jango.com (search: Roswell Grey) Roswell Grey is currently working with A & R Select in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at: 323-924-5897 www.arselect.com
Band/artist history
I started off a local dj i started producin started flowin and wut you hear is a master mind in the works
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I rock house partys and where ever they they give me a mic
Your musical influences
my influences start wit the killa bees wu-tang clan jedi mind tricks non phixion ill bill necro rawkus the ist goes on
What equipment do you use?
mackie 16 channel mixer akg pg81 mic fl studio 6 and a pos keyboard
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