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Higher Than Pope
Higher Than Pope
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Guitars and Rock: frequently the rhythm is paramount. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. ...more guitar!
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, is classical music, Higher Than Pope are a guitar band. They have been vaguely styled in overheard conversations as Beatles meets Neil Young meets The Doors, however that seems misplaced to my thinking. They seem more a mix of rhythmic and often syncopated pop guitar alternative. are more prone to commiting the usual heinous pop/rock sorts of guitar mischief. However. this go round HTP appear to be paying homage to both Guitars and Gustav Mahler. If you have ever wondered how some of your favorite classical music would sound if you changed some of the instruments in the orchestra out as guitar, bass and drums, then this is the album for you. is definitely more Mahler than Emerson, Lake and Palmer. They did not abandon the strings. They did add some amp. They also added some very delicious sounding acoustic guitars--massively moving electric guitar and some of the bass passages are truly tremendous. album at CD store near you. : Gustav's Guitars
Band/artist history
Salt Lake City, Chicago, Bay Area, Orange County.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We gave up playing dead a few years back...so we mostly play live now.
Your musical influences
The cost and size of pianos. It's why I took up guitars. Took a ruddy long time to afford one of those...its tough getting a job to buy anything before you are sixteen. And lugging pianos to gigs...forget it! I've (literally) done that.Music as a whole is good without regard to genre. Well executed and/or brilliantly conceived music is high among our influences but that is very subjective.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever is cheap and functional. This can change from week to week so it is really hard to pin down. While fascinated with gear, I am just as likely to go to lamps plus and ping on all the chandelier globes with a pencil until I get a proper melody going.
Anything else?
Anything. Drop by and say howdy!
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