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Joy Gomez Born In Alicante, Spain, Joy Gomez began to show an interest and talent for Music as a young child. Showcasing a wide vocal range at the tender age of only three, her parents were so taken aback with their daughter's talent that they enrolled her to study Music in a conservatory. It was there that Joy was introduced to varying styles of music, and she began to harness her vocal power through classical training which included learning to play piano and guitar. She joined the music school choir and was soon spotted by the leader who encouraged her to sing solos. In Search for a new a new musical genre to express herself, she began to sing in rock bands in Germany at the age of 15, already learning her craft alongside the professionals. Joy toured around many parts of Europe including Ireland where she sang for a year before joining the Rodas (Sweet Pepper band) where she met Ivan (the bassist with Rodas) The band toured all over the Canary Islands and performed on Spain's TV2 channel with their song Es Amor. Joy and Ivan soon formed a new band called Ivanjoy which played all around Spain including the Canary Islands where they were sponsored by Coronita beer. In one of her performances, Joy received and offer of a recording contract. After a year of working, composing and producing in the studio Ivanjoy released their debut album Dedication on the Mosa Record label. Dedication was distributed by Avispa. Ivanjoy promoted this album for nearly 3 months on National radio and TV stations with some success on local radio where Black Sorcery reached number 2 . Joy toured around Spain with her Band and sang in clubs like the Hard Rock Café in Madrid and some rock Festivals like Rockejat in Torrent (Valencia). Soon she was spotted by Sgae to do a course with Carlos Goñi (band leader of Revolver) where she won best song and singer in Alicante with her song Your Memories
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