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Foizick Entertainment
Foizick Entertainment
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We're forward thinkers of music here to add new dimensions to all music genres. Expand on what exists now and create a new way of music for the future.
Fozick Entertainment is made up of music producers Chris Moore (Ceezo) and Ricardo Vargas. They are currently working with the artists of Detroit's own Takeover Productions as well as other local artists.
Band/artist history
Foizick Entertainment is a group of two music producers: Ricardo Vargas and Chris Moore aka Ceezo. They are two childhood friends who grew up making music together. We don't rap...we just make beats, and maybe sing a lil hook now and then.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We compose music that others play live. Ocassionally we'll join them.
Your musical influences
Influences appear not in any significant order: Dr. Dre, Run DMC, Tears for Fears, INXS, P.M. Dawn, N.W.A., Frank Sinatra, Beastie Boys, VAST, Duran Duran, Neptunes, Timbaland, Barry White, U2, Aerosmith, Eminem, Korn, Ray Charles, L.L. Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Biz Markie, Depeche Mode, Otis Redding, 2 Pac, Ice Cube, NIN, Rage against the Machine, Guns N Roses, Deftones, Dave Mathews Band, Sade, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Al Green, Barry White, Dean Martin ...and the list goes on
What equipment do you use?
Motif ES8, Pro Tools, MPC,
Anything else?
Need Beats...check us out. We guarantee Hot tracks always.