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Andrew 1111 (Canada)
Andrew 1111 (Canada)
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'...I like the song because it's different, and it doesn't follow any of the same rules, formulas, or molds that most other songs follow'. (From the review).
Andrew (Andrew Praiseword, he has another artist exactly with this name on SoundClick) lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He guesses that his songs are pretty known among the top North American and British rockers. They have reputation of v e r y unusual. ("I don't think I've heard anything like this before"). (Posted in about beginning of 2005, edited on December 5, 2009.) The songs are "dark". Almost all of them. This is natural, not sci-fi darkness. Mostly because of the lyrics, which often rise to the heights of Shakespearean dramatic: "Yes, war is hell, But peace - is "kind of" boring. You doing well, Until you good with gun. All things must pass. There's nothing to be worrying. You pressing hook - They shout, fall, and run..." "Game" ("So Far - So Good") Andrew (Andrew Praiseword) Oct.14, 2004, London (England) / Feb. 7-9, 2005, Toronto (Canada) Copyright (C) Andrew P., 2004-2005. Andrew Praiseword, at last, had written several "not dark" ("light"?) songs. Rock-and-Roll "Come On, Amadeus!" is probably the best of them. Unfortunately it is not recorded yet because of... financial problems. But it's so c-o-o-o-o-o-l !!!!! This is the best song EVER. (Andrew thinks.) (Update of December 5, 2009.)
Band/artist history
Andrew began playing guitar since he was 11 or 12. He played bass in the beat group. At 16 he quit and plunged in the other Universes besides the R'n'R, like literature, art... Later he had graduated the university by the way, and even more... Approximately at 16 Andrew started to write his own poems and songs. He had written more than 3.5... hundred of them before 1988, when he got silent. He was surprised, even stunned, when in December of 2000 he wrote the song again (LIFE ON THE KNIFE).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
What equipment do you use?
Roland VS-2480 24-track recorder, 24 track TASCAM 2488 Digital Portastudio, BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-880 drum machine with guitar effects, Audio Technica AT 4040 Studio Microphone, Fender Stratocaster CE Fender Corona, Epiphone Special SG Model, classical Framus, bass SDGR by Ibanez SR 305 DX, bass GODIN BG, and Hohner MS C Blues Harp harmonica.
Anything else?
Andrew's EP album QUANTUM MUSIC is available at the store: http://www.soundclick.com/Store/ShoppingCartInfo.cfm?bandID=315145. This may be your lifetime best investment. The CD consists of four songs: 1. Come And Help (5:10) 2. Dangerous Friend (3:20) 3. Life On The Knife (4:03) 4. Mama I Will Never Do A Crime (4:58)
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