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independant hip hop out of lewiston, maine. singing and rappin with soul, its all about life, whats real and what aint www.messymusic.net Mess
Mess is an indie hip hop artist devoted to makin music about life, whether its where he is, something he is going thru, or the people around him. Mess is 22 years old, he is from Lewiston, Maine. He is a singer/rapper/but a musician first and foremost who crosses genres leaving him with an audience unlike any artists out there.
Band/artist history
Born and raised in Hartford, CT - in and out of different housing projects and rough neighborhoods, Jesse turned to singing and hip hop as a way to cope with life. He was spoonfed numerous R&B artists as a child. As a teen growing up in Hartford Jesse was surrounded by rap and its culture. Artists from Nas to the Luniz to Outkast, Fugees, The Roots, or anything real like that was on the cd player. In highschool Jesse was moved to Lewiston, ME where he was surrounded by a lot of negativity in rough neighborhoods but he used it to his advantage. Using pain and emotion from his experiences channeling it into music. Now...at age 22 Jesse is venturing into more then just hip hop and R&B, playing different styles of music, learning jazz piano, reading and writing music. He has played in numerous succesful bands and projects in Maine. At this point in time Mess is trying to break into the indie hip hop scene as a hip hop artist that stands out from your basic MTV money hungry rappers. Keeping the songs about life, where he is, and the people around him. This isnt for money, it is for the music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yeah, in lewiston, maine where i live and down to portland. i been thru boston a lot, they are like neighbors. I get down to connecticut alot thats where i was raised up.
Your musical influences
Right now i been listening to keith concept on soundclick, that kids smokin. otherwise i listen to jazz, classical, rhythm and blues(old skool) anything with soul or heart or if its real and devoted to. nothin on mtv or bet. peeps is real out here but aint gettin noticed.
What equipment do you use?
i recorded these songs on a boss BR8 in my living room, i used a dr. rhythm drum machine on the track you may die. busted ass mics and alot of patience. this was all done at home except thes song complicationz which was done by jon wyman at big sond studio in twenty minutes. i knew band in the studio recording and they snuck me in on their account, i threw the instrumental in a cd player, and just layed the hook, rapped one time through, burned it and bounced. 20 mins, no lie
Anything else?
check out messymusic.net also, on the love check out deepthinka.com and support them in their effort to free hip hop now, these cats are doin more for hip hop than any one else out there. plus that sht is hot