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Turning Leaves
Turning Leaves
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We use acoustic guitars and lots of laptop textures, with percussion and static electrics. Our songs are constantly evolving. Our first album is made up of thre
In and odd way, the hackneyed expression "some things never change" has never felt more revelevant in Our Conglomerated States of America, where every month our population seems to get bored with the past and ready to find something new. Yeah, we're moving up that technological hierarchy pretty rapidly, but people as intelligent creatures really haven't evolved much since recorded history. I think this applies to all walks of life, and it applies to our music. On one end, we're constantly searching for new, exciting textures, but on the other, I think our hearts lie with certain musical traditions. We want it to be intimate, and yet try to give the songs as much sonic space as possible. We want it to sound like nothing ever heard, but still feel an obligation to rhythmic and aesthetic familiarity. The juxtapositions and sometimes contradictions never seem to end, paralleling and criss-crossing, in our country, in our art, in ourselves. Turning Leaves: Andy Schwarz - guitars, vox, keys, laptop, words Jeff Lafond - guitars, bass, vox Bryan Borenitsch - drums & percussion, vox
Band/artist history
Up until recently, Turning Leaves has been a computer studio based project of mine and occasionally Jeff, although all sounds on the demo album are mine.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Turning Leaves is mostly a studio project. We occasionally playing in coffee houses in various projects around the Mid-Michigan Area, but we're fast completing our transformation into a fully-fledged live act.
Your musical influences
It's safe to say we all have pretty open musical spectrums. I grew up listening to Paul Simon, Beach Boys, and Dylan. Then came the hip-ho[ phase. Then the metal. Then punk. Then Folk. Then Studio Experimentation. Then Jazz. I'll stop and say we're all influenced by everything. -Lately we've been listening to Arcade Fire, Fiery Furnaces, Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective.
Anything else?
Anything else. God, I'm lame.