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electronica from mellow, downtempo, chillout, ambient, smooth to hardcore techno, rave, trance, drum & bass, jungle, experimental and more that can't be classif
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We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of the people who have visited our pages, listened to our music and purchased from us in the past. After only three years of showcasing our talents, we've have taken many steps forward. Your support means everything to us as artists and producers and we want to continue to grow in our creation and production. In addition, our new collaboration with European artist Cristian Paduraru is providing us an opportunity to release a remix album exclusively on the major label DJ Friendly Records which will be released in Spring 2008... dEEpdARkTranCE We also want to take this time to say peace to those who have shown love or respect to us in the time that we've been on here especially AlterEgos of Dance, Exertion(OK), DJ Dazt, Gman, Council, J-Cos, El Mahdi, Extazya, Inquiet, Allen Stylez, JH Limeretz, SOHCAHTOA, Phantom of Paradise, M-TECH, DJ PJMinty, DJ MikeLD, While, Dragonzol, Mr. Mac, NeonSkye, Shimon Afriat(SatllaBall), Newwine, Anonimous Beats, Chaotic Beatz, Troubled B, Dark Element, DJ Corbo, DJ King, Tom King, HEADSTONE, Levillian, Siknik, Sinima, Souldirt, DJ MiracleX, LTProject, Scientek Basement, RAkoon, Freedom&Forgiven, Karl Noonan, Alexis VAN EECKHOUT, Enterkraft, Astric 69, Tranceboy, RozzaUK, Deosil, Blind Banana, Mandy Moreno, to any of those who have added us onto their stations on SoundClick or anywhere else on the internet, Len Amsterdam Radio Show, Project Overseer Prod., TransmissionFM, Riff Raff Radio, H7 Radio, AcidFallout Radio, ScrubRecords, NIARadio Network and any others who have stopped by that we didn't mention. Those who've shown hate and disrespect can fuck off and go bother someone else. We welcome criticism and advice but we won't put up with bullshit from any part of the world. Many new cuts will be comin' out next year. If you like them fine, if you don't, that's fine too but lets be cool about it, and there won't be any more harsh comments from us and we can go on enjoying each others music and enjoying SoundClick. Its a lot of fun for us on here and thanks to everyone who support us, used our music, bought stuff from us or just gave us a comment. Its all very much appreciated.
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