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Sex Majik
Sex Majik
10 Tracks
Experimental Gothic, Industral World Beat Pagan Rock Indy Band from Hawaii singing songs of the Goddess and Magick.
7 songs
Sex Majik is a experimental music project concived by Robin Elflord. Members and contributors vary from song to song and CD to CD. Sex Majik is an expression of KAOS MUSIK. Magickal Music that is primal and raw, yet complex and intricate. Freeform, chaotic, improvisional, low brow, irregular, exploration of constrasting forms, unexpected changes all incorperating hypnotic, shamanistic and trance inducing techniques. An acoustic manuel of sex magick. An attempt to awaken, inform, instruct, enlighten and provoke. Musik to push the envelope.
Band/artist history
Thee Sex Majik Project iz thee magickal childe ov a Sex Magick Temple: Servator Cosmi. After thee Temple was ransaked, destroyed and burned, Sex Majik rose from the ashes like an alchemical phoenix. Durring thee process ov composing Sinphony 69: Dark Goddess, my father died, my grandmother died, my mother had a stroke, I lost touch with my daughters, my personal relationships all fell apart, my recording studio was destroyed, I was kicked out of five different living situations, I blew up two amps and three computers and lost all my material possesions. In the midst of all this, the World Trade Center was destroyed and the entire infrastructure of Afganastan and Iraq were completly destroyed, persistant being wars and rumors of wars. Meanwhile, there have been earthquakes, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, plauges and desieses across the globe, as the ozone layer rapidly dissapears like the forests and creatures of the earth. In the rainforest of Maui where this first CD was created the development ov thee land continues, replacing trees and jungle with houses.Through it all, it was a labor of love and liberation. Jai Ma! Prais Kali and her sacred herb!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not so far. Would like to put on some internet broadcast shows though.
Your musical influences
Influance are many and varied, Beatles in the late 60's, Led Zepplin, Skinny Puppy, Boiled in Lead, Current 93, Psychic TV, the Orb, Nine Inch Nails, Coil, Tool and so many more...
What equipment do you use?
Instruments range from electric guitars, synthizers and drum machines to tribal and primative ethnic instruments.
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