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Walter Oscar and Nilsth
Walter Oscar and Nilsth
4 Tracks
We are a basement band wich plays good rock n roll. Some Hendrix and AC/DC covers!
Walter, Oscar, Loppan and Nilsth are the members of a band without a name. This is the bands soundclick site where you can find their music. OK?! Walter: Drums, Backing vocals Oscar: Guitar, Vocals Nilsth: Guitar, Backing vocals, Vocals Loppan (Lucas): Bass guitar, Vocals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, we have never benn on the stage with this band. But we will when we have made a few own songs!
Your musical influences
We are playing a lots of covers right now, since we have no own songs (exept for Crackomono). But we are coming up with a few new own songs soon. They just need to be nicely polished and recorded.
What equipment do you use?
WALTER: DRUMS: Pearl Forum series drum kit. 16" Snare (Remo Weatherking Coated CS-sound) 10" Tom1 (Remo Weatherking Coated) 12" Tom2 (Remo Weatherking Coated) 16" Tom3 (Remo Weatherking Coated) 18" Kick (Evans USA Clear) 14" 302 series Paiste Hi-hat 16" 302 series Paiste Crash 20" 101 series Paiste Ride Carbosticks 7a Light OSCAR: GUITAR: -Epiphone Explorer Gothic -Cort G255 Zoom 606 effect pedal Peavey Rage 158 amplifier NILSTH: GUITAR: Fender Stratocaster (Arctic White) Digitech Turbo Drive Distortion Pedal Marshall 40w amp LOPPAN: BASS GUITAR: J&D Jazz Bass and Cort Action Bass Laney Hardcore Max 65w Vox 50w OTHER: M-Audio Delta 1010LT soundcard Boss BX-16 Mixer (80's model) Behringer 50Hz-15Khz Pro 2 50Hz-15KHz Wharfedale Pro (3 mics) 50Hz-15KHz 4 microphonecables: 7,5m Xlr-Tele One 3m Xlr-Tele miccable Magix Music Maker 2004 Deluxe
Anything else?
We forgot our bassplayer when we made this page. But dont forget that his name is Loppan.
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