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Double CD
The Double CD is a mixture of fully orchestrated Pop-Country music and light- hearted Christian Humor Music... ALL filled with the WORD OF GOD. It is a favorite
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1. "Jesus Junkie"
"Jesus Junkie" is about getting "addicted to Jesus" instead of what the "world" has to offer. Administered by Songwriters, Inc. PO Box 1001 / Smyrna, TN 37167 / 615-459-0554 / Dana@Royal.net
2. "Greater is He"
"Greater is He" written by Dana Sigmon and Glenn Ashworth. Admin. by: Songwriters
3. "Turn on to Jesus"
"Turn on to Jesus" written by: Dana Sigmon and Glenn E. Ashworth. Administrated by: Songwriters Ministry. "Double CD"
4. "One Less Tear"
"One Less Tear" (for God to shed). Written by Dana Sigmon, Glenn Ashworth & Jacky Watts.
5. "Fools For Christ"
"Fools For Christ" Dana Sigmon, Glenn Ashworth and Jacky Watts. Administered by Songwriters Ministry / PO Box 1001 / Smyrna, TN 37167. 615-459-0554 / Dana@Royal.net
The "Double CD" is a compilation of "Fools for Christ" and "Guilty of Love", the first two albums recorded by "The Songwriters". This is a "Special Limited Collector's Edition". These recordings were first available ONLY on LP and 8-Track. The "Double CD" has been digitally re-mastered for that "fresh from the recording studio" sound. The "Double CD" is now available (all 20 classic songs) on a limited basis. It was Produced, Arranged and the Orchestra was Conducted by Alan Moore. Alan has conducted the London Philharmonic Orchestra among many others. He arranged Amy Grant's "Age to Age" and has produced and arranged more "Super Stars" in most music genres than can be listed here. He has been the recipient of more awards than can be hung on the walls of his offices. We are so blessed to have a Producer/Arranger of Alan's caliber working with us... actually he's more like our brother.
Band/artist history
In the late 70's we were attending a Bible Study at Alan Moore's home in Nashville. We had been signed as a "writing team" at ACUFF-ROSE Music Publishing, and Alan had been chosen (or volunteered) to produce our Country & Pop Demos. One night we were asked to sing a few of our songs at Bible Study and the Holy Spirit just took over. Alan offered to Produce our first Christian Album and well... the rest was as they say, HIS-Story.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Internationally...
Your musical influences
Pop-Country, Word Music, we even mix in some Christian Comedy songs we penned. All songs are either directly from the "Word of God" or are based upon it.
Anything else?
The "Double CD" is very popular with hundreds of thousands of people we've been blessed to do Concerts and Services for over the years. You wouldn't believe how many folks contact us to get a copy or even multiple copies because they "were Raised on our WORD Music and NOW want to Raise their Children on it"... (gosh I'm feeling old) ;-) "...because it helped them get grounded in God's Word". Many others "want the Double CD to give away to their friends to help lead them to Jesus" May God Bless you as you "feed on His Word".
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