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hardest rap artists ever Download the mixtape for free !!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/zg4l1giosz4nu4w/Fresh_Out_Da_Lab_2_ INVALID mp3 INVALID .RAR
Ova Wit
Now signing with Everyday Music Co We are teenage students of Mitchell High School in Memphis TN. And we have been rapping for about 3 years now so we are ready to take it further than selling cds, and doing local talent shows. We are trying to get signed right now and me JDogg being the C.E.O. of my label J & R Productionz I am trying to make that happen for us. Right now there are 5 of us but I really want to get the oldest ones out first. T-One born as Sherman is 19 he is in the 12th and he will be graduating this year. JDogg is 18 and is in the 12th grade and will be attending college soon after graduating high school. Lil Chronic is 17 and will be 18 soon and he also is in the 12th grade. Lil Rob and Solja Boy are 17 and they both are in the 11th and they will be graduating next year. We have been working hard to get where we are so now hoping to get signed and it doesnt have to be a big label but something just to get us off on the right feet. We are not only known in Memphis but we also are known in different areas all around the world from Memphis all the way to the UK. Many people tell me that we are better than some artists thats out now with a record deal so who ever signs us it will be worth it. I just started sending out demos and who ever is contact we are just going to determain whos the best for the group because if signed you will make money because I think we have all that it takes in the business part of the game and the music part. We have dreams of being on BET oneday but I know that it will take a lot of work. Artists that we are influced by are Yo Gotti, Three Six Mafia, Young Jeezy, Jody Breeze, and Twista. We have what it takes but need help getting started and making it big.I also have websites where you can go check out more of our music but most of the songs are old and not up to date but you can kinda get an idea of what we can do. www.tightbeatz.com/jdogg & www.soundclick.com/daguttasquad Fresh out da lab 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/zg4l1giosz4nu4w/Fresh_Out_Da_Lab_2_ INVALID mp3 INVALID .RAR
Band/artist history
Known as 2 Hypnotic then Da Insane Ballaz after picking up more n*ggaz for da group. It has been kind of hard and took a lot of work trying 2 get where we r but I think it has really paid off alot because now I am in production and rapping so da money is looking ok so far but I would alwayz love more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We rap or do perform in the Memphis area.
Your musical influences
We are of a more energetic type basically for a young audience because I dont think da old heads could keep up, we are into da crunk type which everyone loves.
What equipment do you use?
FL 5 and 6,Cooleditz,Yahmaha keyboard,shure sm57, ect...
Anything else?
Be on the look out for that new album...contact for ordering info.. jodywilliams02@yahoo.com
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