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Gina Green
Gina Green
Alta Loma, CA  USA
March 02, 2005
13,691 plays
Gina Green's music is extreemly uplifting and inspirational. It has a very smooth R & B , jazz,pop, funk and neo soul contempoarary gospel feel to it. This is an artist that you must hear!
Band/artist history
Gina has a unique and fresh sound for todays generation. She sings songs of deliverance. Combining truth & real life experiences in her music, she has been able to connect with people of all ages & ethnicities in genres. She has performed on the same stage with gospel and contemporary Christian artist Tonex, J Moss, Bill & TBNs Rene Morris, The Gospel Gangsters, Two times dove award nominees The GOGZ, Brent Jones and many others. Gina is currently working on a new CD Project entitled JUST AS I AM which will be released next year.
Your musical influences
My Infuences were Stephaine Mills, Dennise Willaims, Gladays Knight, Stevie Wonder, and the late Minnie Rippleton
Anything else?
RADIO STATIONS WXIC 1060 AM Citusville Florida DJ Shawn & DJ Rene Song Title: "Dont Let The Devil Lie To You" CD: "TELL UM" Charted at the #38 song out of 100 94.9FM Baton Rouge, La DJ Kebba Song:" Hiding Place " CD: "TELL UM" R&B Radio Stations Playing Gina Green - August 18, 2005 102.3 FM KJLH Los Angeles, Ca. DJ Elvee CD: "TELL UM" 89.3 FM Citusville,FL. DJ Larry CD: "TELL UM" Songs being played: IN THE TOP 10 Rain On Me / Charted at #8 Tellum/ Charted at #10 Internet Radio Stations - August 18, 2005 93.5 FM KCLA Hollywood Ca. DJ Sheryl Jones CD: Changes Song: Nearer To Thee show called : Me & Mrs. Jones Now Playing "Tell Um" On Clear Channel Radio Now Playing "Tell Um" On Clear Channel Radio - August 18, 2005 THE TIM JACKSON JR. RADIO SHOW www.timjacksonjrshow.net - January 2006
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