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A Shite State Of Affairs
A Shite State Of Affairs
3 Tracks
Indie,grungy, nirvana, degrassi, pimps, jobby, poo, shite, excrament,owen,logan,fat man.
HEY!!!! Logie from ASSOA here, just to say things are taking a little break just now. getting a new band together is rather hard work so I am trying to do it along with the millions of other things i have to do. oh and enjoy the new recordings!! thanks for your time Logie
Band/artist history
"Breed" formed in October 2000 and remained strong for 4 years, with Callum Dickson and Owen innes being the nucleus of the band from the beginning. Their first and most memorable gig was at Balerno High in a talent contest, where they played a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Their perfomance was rather good, even though Owen dropped one of his drum sticks in the middle of the song, however, managing to recover quickly to finish in style. After Alex, on bass at the time, left the band some major re-shuffling was in order. Finally Tamim decided to join on a long term basis on drums completing the line up with Owen switching from drums to guitar and Callum doing some lead and bass guitar work. "Breed" played several gigs, including 'Battle Of The Bands' at Balerno High School, a small gig at Livingston's Club Earth and at the Riccarton Arms pub in Currie - Midlothian. In 2004 the band split and went their own, seperate ways.Into education and other traits. But now, Owen Innes has decided to pick up the old pieces of "Breed" and form a new band, "A Shite State Of Affairs" with Jonathan Young, another aspiring young musican from Livingston.After various difficulties, and a hefty falling out, Johnny parted company and new drummer, Scott Walker came into the fray.Previously occupying the drummers stool of a certain Cream Of Assparagus, that owen saw at the Pentland Inn, Owen was immpressed and asked him to play a gig. and since then we have never looked back with an ever growing catelogue of new and older songs being practised and of course recorded. We have recorded and released our debut e.p "Carlessness Cause Fire" at the beginning of 2006 and we have also got plans to record our first single which is potentially going to be "People Make Mistakes" or "The Last Few Weeks" which will contain new b-side tracks and also a remix of classic instrumental "Intermission : Impossible", by the one and only Bruce Wallace. this ep went down well with promoters and our friends, so we are in the process of writing and recording a new ep or possibly an album should money permit that. trying to find a new drummer for the job so check back later for that news and also check out the new ep samples on the music page.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have playing in livingston and in and around edinburgh/glasgow/stirling. it has been an exciting year, but thing are taking a break as i try to find a new drummer to take over the reighns from scott. big shoes to fill! but ill find the person for the job soon enough.
Your musical influences
Nirvana are my main influence, but also blur, oasis, elastica, degrassi, the libertines, joy division, sex pistols, the clash and radiohead have influenced me an awful lot.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Fender Mexican Telecaster, Guild Dearmond Sevenstar guitar, Squire Stratocastor, Laney 120watt amp through a marshall 1936 cab, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Mexican Precision bass, Yahmaha acoustic guitar, Encore Classical guitar, Electro Harmonix Big Muff x 2, Electro Harmonics big muff usa pi x 1, Boss DD3-Digital Delay, Boss EH1-Treble Enhancer, Digitech BP80 bass multi effects processer and a Boss BCB 60-Boss Powered Pedal Board, korg multi effects, yahama keyboard, EH Memory man, berhinger multi effects, marshall 1980's bass amp and 2x15 bass cab.
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