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DJ G-Ron (NYC)
DJ G-Ron (NYC)
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DJ G-Ron (NYC) Evolutionized Future Rhythms / Exploring underground electronic sounds
Future Evolutionized Sounds
Band/artist history
Being raised in New York has led this DJ to experience the dance party culture at many distinct levels. Presented with his first record at 8 (a gift from his siblings for his birthday) G-Ron started his collection of rhythm and sounds. At the age of 9, he began visiting underground Brooklyn jams with school friends. With his focus directed towards the evening's musical presenter, he started appreciating how the DJ would build a crowd into a frenzy then finish the ride gently and blissfully. At 16 he ventures into Danceterias Melting Pot and discovered an amazing break-through...Electronic Dance Music! During this era, he would become a regular at Limelights Wednesday Disco 2000 with DJ Keoki and Lord Michaels Future Shock with DJ RePete on Fridays. He would experience events and clubs like Shelters Nasa, Wild Pitch, Sound Factory, Palladium, Sound Factory Bar, Tunnel, Redzone, Octagon, Roxy, The Living World. After high school, G-Ron traveled abroad and was exposed to the different electronic music scenes around the globe. When he returned, G completed a sound and recording engineering program. Upon graduation, he was hired by Soundtrack NY Group, where he helped and assisted on many sessions. After advancing his engineering and production techniques, he decides to give up his position at Soundtrack Studios and commence on his own creations. Currently exhibiting his formula for exceptional underground dance poesy, G-Ron enlightens listeners with the captivation of soul driving beats.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
DJing and playing live globally, based in NY/USA. The energy of the crowd's unity drives the motivation. Playing for a gathering of 5000 dancing maniacs can make one hooked for good.
Your musical influences
Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin
What equipment do you use?
G4 laptop, G4 desktop, MPC-2000XL, Oxygen 8, Reason, Logic, Live, 2 Technic 1200's, Numark DM1600X, Roland PMA-5, Alesis Studio 24,