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Pyramis A pyramid. Source: Webster's Dictionary (01 Mar 1998) Pyramis in short is an original rock band with many different influences and w
Pyramis in short is an original rock band with many different influences and writing styles which helps us create a wide range of emotionally charged music with meaning, and feeling. we also cover dozens of modern and classic rock songs ranging from Pink Floyd to Pantera and most great bands in between.
Band/artist history
Pyramis A pyramid. Source: Webster's Dictionary (01 Mar 1998) The story begins at some point in the early 90's. This is my story, Matt, a.k.a. Lumper and how we came together from my point of view. I had been writing poetry and song lyrics since the third grade and they had added up, my grandmother bought me an acoustic guitar on my 16th birthday after I had expressed an interest. it would be another 3 years before I would teach myself to play it. Around 1990 I learned my first songs on the acoustic and the journey began. Around 1995/96 I think I started jamming with an old friend from school, Gary, he was in a band at the time and we played together a few times. Sometime later I invited my brother Aaron to come and jam with us and this was the the beginning if what would become Weathered Faces. Together we worked out dozens of original songs from the lyrics I had written and the style rhythm guitar I had picked up from playing Pink Floyd and Neil Young tunes. We wrote tunes like Tomorrow, Desert Sea, The Ballad, Nothing left but a stare, Mortal man, Man of the world, and many many more. Over the next few years we would have several member changes and additions and we played quite a few small gigs and open mics. We always played all original tunes and rarely played more than a few covers. After a while we had lost our 4rth or 5th drummer and we decided to take a break although this break would be short lived and we found ourselves together again at a new location with pretty much the same people and even a few more. This setup wasn't productive though and I lost interest quickly and eventually bailed. The remaining guys held on and jammed together for a while and eventually went there separate ways. It would be 2 years before I would start playing again, this time though it was different. I had rolled over in my head the weaknesses and strengths the possibilities and the risk, then I decided it was time to get back to work, I went to the grind on covers and started playing Bush tunes, and Creed, and Godsmack and Rage and you name it, if I could figure it out I was playing it, I did this in private at home on my own time for about 6 months before I met with Gary and asked him if was ready to get back to work. By then I had bought all new equipment and the sound was better than ever but we still needed a drummer and this was where we stalled out previously. On a chance encounter at work I met a drummer, Jeff, he was willing to drive the hour one way and check it out and see what happened, when he came to meet with us we were trying to practice in a 10x10 concrete and brick room in the back of a computer store. After setting up the drums that first night we realized there was no way that was going to work and we had to find another place, which we quickly did, upstairs in a very large room. Jeff was working out and the new room gave us space to work, we quickly decided this time around we would use a singer and Jeff turned us onto Brian. Brian was willing to come down and give it a try so we set it up and things went pretty good. Things were still loose and we were missing a lot in terms of "a sound" but there was potential and desire. Not to far down the road Jeff became busy with his business and family and had to leave the band, he lived in another state to boot. So we were 3 looking once again for a drummer, we posted some adds and tried out a few friends, and nothing was coming together, then my brother Aaron was willing to help us out and we started working together with him even though he was very busy with his own band "Ethic" by this time. During this down time I had time to think and I realized I had several items at my house that I didn't need and I should think about getting back to the search for the "sound" we are looking for as a band, so I tallied up my stuff and sold it all, old equipment, old guns, etc.. and took all the money and went shopping, $3500 later our sound was reborn. At about the same time we had met drummer number 6 I believe, Marc. Marc was a very talented young guy with a lot to offer, but he also has a lot to learn and after a few months things fell apart and we mutually decided to replace marc before moving on, while marc was with us we performed our first public appearances, one at a lan party for 15 to 25 people in our practice space, and an opening gig at the Webster underground in Hartford, for an almost sold out show, both were fun and we learned a lot. It was during this time that we settled on the name Pyramis and our official departure from Weathered Faces was complete. This left us with two upcoming gigs planned and no drummer, we once again borrowed my brother Aaron and worked hard to teach him our original set for the upcoming shows and he played them with us, one at the Webster theater and then later that night at McGinnis pub in Hartford. Well, that took us to once again borrow Aaron and record a last second demo of 3 songs to submit for various contest and events that come up throughout the summer while we wait to go into the studio and lay down all the music we have written. So the demo is in the downloads section and keep in mind we had Monday and Tuesday to prepare for a weds recording session, so it is truly a last second attempt, it came out pretty good for a room recording, hopefully after our summer events we can go into the studio and track out the tunes and get a real good recording. soon after we recorded our demo we began work with Eric Moody a local drummer and friend of the band. Eric picked up the ball and ran like hell with it, we held a Freedom of Speech concert in Bristol with Eric that went over very well, it was after this that we decided to move forward and quickly began investing in equipment, once again Eric lead the way and brought to us a new pa. recording equipment, etc.. for the next few months we would work out together some originals and play a few sets here and there including a Webster Underground show. It was that Underground show that ultimately ended the current project. Brian took a month off while the band continued working and in time we put it back together. we tried to bounce back from it and even brought in another member ( Pete ) but the damage was done and the path we were traveling became cloudy and soon non existent. in the months that followed our pace suddenly died, with change came diversity and naturally worlds collide. after another few months of work we were back on track and things were taking shape in the cover scene however the original music took a back seat as we worked toward preparing for shows. it was in this time that coincidently each member was having their own issues outside of the band that were keeping them from keeping up with the commitment that we all agreed was necessary, soon it was obvious that interest had been lost and we began a decline. first by being later and later to practice with little or no reason, making appointments and not keeping them, but worst of all the distractions served to take away from our project and soon we were able to complete fewer original songs as a band than ever before. this showed that the direction had changed and that people were no longer committed to doing their part in putting this project in motion. I began loosing patience with my friends who were also my band mates, pressure built, nothing changed and I found myself in a perpetual spiral unable to get through to my mates that this wasn't working and that change was eminent. I decided to contact a few people who I had previously worked with and who had expressed an interest but more importantly knew the commitment necessary and were willing to put in the time. once I realized that I needed to surround myself with people more like myself in terms of their willingness and ability to do what it takes to put this project in motion I realized that Pyramis as I knew it was dead. for several weeks I struggled with what to do, and then I made an executive decision, I decided to leave the band. for me this was the single most difficult musical decision I have ever been faced with and in a way I am very sad that things can not work out. after 12 years, 45 original songs, dozens of covers, hundreds of hours of practice, thousands of dollars in equipment it was over. Or was it? Through the rain comes sunshine again and a new horizon is visible my friends, with a few new members I decided to take my project to the next level. and this is where we are now, currently writing new songs for this new leg of the project and working with new people who are very familiar with the band and my songs. these are exiting times as with change many good things come. its been a long and winding road for sure and its only just beginning. over the next few months we plan to get back on track and out at it again. the new music that I have been writing is by far the most diverse and dynamic I have ever written, soon songs like, bringing me down, baby killers, the herd, yesterday, never look back and others will be mainstays in our list and will show the growth that has come with change. So that's about the whole story up til now in a nutshell, as always this story takes many turns and surely time will tell what's in store for Pyramis. stay tuned..........
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are most definetly a "Live" band. We have held our own venues such as the 2004 Freedom Concert Series Events which were kicked off with our Freedom of speech festival. We invited several local bands, payed them in advance and rented a large facility where we could have a rain or shine indoor event with food and drinks. We have also played many local clubs and large theaters as well. Our "04" summer gigging schedule landed us opening a show for Thunderstruck with Chris Slade and an all star line-up. our most memorable moments are from our live performances. at one show at The Webster Underground in Hartford Ct we gave away buisness cards at the door which had a few stamped for free beer, then we gave away thongs and bikinis to any one who would take the stage and put them on, the night ended with all the band members being stopped by a line of chicks who all wanted body autographs, yeah it was wild. just another night out on the town with Pyramis. We also have a practice space known as the "Crimescene" and when i say know as, i mean we have many local visitors including members from nearly a dozen other local bands, to marketing agents, to the bum on the street, the crimescene is often the scene of some hilarious stuff.
Your musical influences
Well i cant speak for all the guys, i know between us our influences are very different. myself i am and have been influenced by so many artists from alot of genres over the years for various qualities, like Niel Young, Sid Barrett, Pink Floyd, Bob Segar, Billy joel, to Van halen of old, AC/DC,Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio,Godsmack, STP,Frank Zappa, and many others. As the primary songwriter for Pyramis often traces of my influences can be found but as Brian and the others add themesleves to the music and bring with them their influences in the end you get a kind mix of a wide variety of styles and influence.
What equipment do you use?
this would take a while, perhaps I'll come back to it at some point.
Anything else?
From political messages to Love Hate relationships and drunken adventures in between Pyramis is about truth, fun, honesty, and powerful music.
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